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  • Forum Post: Re: TESTIMONIES 8.0 - Your surgery

    I thought I'd done some posting on surgery, but perhaps under another title. I have to say I was nervous about the surgery due(ah yes it was about lithium reaction) to many years taking lithium(mood stabilizing 'salt element'). So that was a background from the off. My surgery was fairly...
  • Forum Post: Re: TESTIMONIES - the background and somewhere for discussions

    Yes those two groupings would be good. Good for newbies & oldies. It's always good to talk progress and anxiety. Reckon Kazzy you've got some good points there. Hope you are doing ok at the mo. yours Oliver.
  • Forum Post: Re: Did you have a negative/inconclusive biopsy?

    Yes I had a bit of muddle over FNA and biopsy/diagnosis. First suggestion by GP and also by Endo was Hurtle Cell Variant. Then I had the first fine needle and the diagnosis was maybe follicular/papillary. I had a second fine needle to try and make it clearer. This came back with a possibly non-cancerous...
  • Forum Post: Re: " CRYSTAL TIPS" and all therapies related.

    Yes it's such a good thing to do, and have you thought about formats etc. These posts are a great way to share experiences. Would Mac get upset if you used the post in book form? The people I know a little bit(and yet feel a bond with/admire) may like to share. But I think they may be too ill now...
  • Forum Post: Re: RAI experience

    Barbara - it does improve. Actually it helped me to hit the ground running after RAI. I had a series of jobs with quite lot thinking and really physical. But it did help. I crashed at the end of the year as you know. DON'T PANIC. ~OL.
  • Forum Post: Re: The Waiting Game

    Yes Tracey, it's often like someone grabbing the neck from behind one handed. It gets better, comes and goes. What can we do? Gentle neck rolls/ massage(osteopathy?nice but pricey). Hope it improves~ yours Oliver.
  • Forum Post: Re: Bit of a Wake Up Call

    Yes Barbara, airline eye mask good(well it was in hospital). But sometimes it might be worth thinking about other really confined places you or friend have found themselves in to get you through what is probably a feeling of trapped confinement, but which is really a time keeping still & staying...
  • Forum Post: Re: The Waiting Game

    Good moning Kazzy. Do you remember when you first got a cancer diagnosis? I do...................... And I think one coping mec might be to act like you've just be diagnosed- when we allowed ourselves all that strength - allow it to be a permanent sentry down the years of what I now begin to see...
  • Forum Post: Re: RAI experience

    Glad it went well L, I found ChX fine, and Robert very thorough. Also interesting that you had a long spell in the post RAI scan (about 90 mins by any chance?). I'm a bit more reassured by that. Take it esy for few days~ Oliver.
  • Forum Post: Re: RAI experience

    Yes I have been wonderin that as everyone else has had 30mins tops I think. Kazzy you might have had a long one? Hmmm...curious. I found it very relaxing, but my technician was a bit of a closed book. ~Ol.
  • Forum Post: Re: Im now thyroidless... what meds are you on?

    Hi Tracey, I'm Oliver and I've also had a sort-of problem with saliva gland. I got the dryness & bit dribbly sometimes(bit like Roy Hattersley- if you remember him, and that's the only thing I remember about him). I have lots of posh boiled fruit sweets(round travel tin variety recommended...
  • Forum Post: Re: RAI experience

    I think a little laid- backness is a really good thing with cancer(ok ours is a safer one-albeit a perma threat). You know Jenny that I nodded off during post RAI scan. I imagined myself in a floatation tank. It was a long scan at 90 mins, which you reminded me did spark up a lot of activity in the thyroid...
  • Forum Post: Re: 28-day prescriptions

    Mel that's probably why one of my GP nurses said she thought it wasn't always suitable to point all roads to Mac etc.. And worth thinking about- some people too freaked out to go Mac surfing- when I trumpet the low profile of forums by care pros. Best Wishes ~ Oliver.