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  • Forum Post: Help - worried about thyroidectomy !

    Hello I had a lobectomy 5th March which confimed follicular thyroid cancer. It was a 3cm nodule stage 1 T2 minimally invasive. So very low risk. (I am 42, female and otherwise healthy). After the lobectomy I had a meeting with the Surgeon to confirm the diagnosis. He explained that we would meet...
  • Forum Post: Jaw & Salivary gland problems

    Has anyone discovered any research/reliable information on the effect radioactive iodine treatment can have on the salivary glands in the medium & long term? I have had 3 lots of RAI and have a recurring swollen jaw problem - sometimes many months after treatment. I have consulted my GP, dentist...
  • Forum Post: Re: RAI waiting time post op?

    I went straight on T4 after the op, so not sure why you can't Dean. Quite a lot of variation between our treatments isn't there. When you do get it make sure you take it pre-brek(1 hour) in morning. Don't dose urself at night - gitters. Ol.
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