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  • Forum Post: Re: not responding well to abvd

    ABVD did give me the usual ill-effects (weakness, fatigue, loss of taste / appetite, sore mouth, hair loss, wrinkling and darkening of skin and nails etc) but the 'B' (Bleomycin) so badly scarred my lungs after the 4th dose that breathing became painful and laboured even after a short walk. My...
  • Forum Post: In remission

    Hi The PET/CT scan of 23 Nov was clean and the docs have cautiously declared me to be in remission. They also bombarded me with statistical data and convinced me that the high dose chemotherapy and blood stem cell transplant is worth going for despite the risks and costs! Presently off all medication...
  • Forum Post: Re: not responding well to abvd

    Hi For what its worth, in my case (Stage 4-B), the disease still exists after 12 doses (6 cycles) of ABVD, and I have just finished 3 cycles of MINE salvage chemotherapy. A PET-CT scan scheduled for end Nov should hopefully give me an all-clear. Still, doctors are strongly recommending that I follow...
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