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Womb (uterus) cancer

A group for anyone affected by womb cancer (also known as uterus or endometrial cancer) to get together, ask questions, share experiences and support each other.

AWAITING HISTOLOGY RESULTS! thickened womb lining and tamoxifen

No. of entries: 27 | Posted on 18 May 2012 8:49 AM

AWAITING HISTOLOGY RESULTS! thickened womb lining and tamoxifen

  • Hi

    Just wanted to share my agony about waiting histology results for a pipelle endometrial sampling and a biopsy from a hysteroscopy . The transvaginal scan the week before showed thickened endometrium of 12mm which is high and ? polyps

    Im 50 and no periods for 6 months but had 2 lots of huge bleeding in the last few months, like nothing I have ever experienced!

    I have just come through a year with breast cancer and a year of Tamoxifen so it may be the thickened lining is due to tamoxifen but when i had my scan she said the changes to the womb lining werent like tamoxifen changes, and then when I had the hysteroscopy he said that they wernt polyps but he took a biopsy of a "polypoid mass" as he called it!so a contradiction straight away!

    I tried to press the doctor for answer but he said it was only the histology report that could give definite diagnosis which of course I do understand 

    The hospital system is that they will ring you and get you in if anything is found to discuss it but if everything ok then you and the GP get a letter within 14 days. So now in the agonsing position of not wanting my mobile to ring!! Plus I have been through all this  before twice- once with precancer  in my thyroid, then with the breast cancer and now with this. Im quite instinctive about my body and feel something is wrong.

    Friends say "oh its only fibroids" but its NOT and its not polyps so its either endometrial hyperplasia which can be dangerous if you get the wrong type or cancer!! Anyway the waiting is awful and as I have been there 2 times before with poor outcomes it makes me more scared, not less.  And yes there is being positive but I find the people who say that have never been in the position some of us find ourselves in! Thank you for letting me rant- anyone else out there similar experiences?



  • Hi, it is so very difficult waiting for results as you know. Hope the news is good and the time waiting passes quickly. I was diagnosed with grade 3 stage 2 Endometrial cancer a few months ago. I suddenly started having very heavy bleeding, to the point I dreaded leaving the house. Following results of hysteroscopy I had a total hysterectomy with removal of lymph glands. Now finished my internal radiotherapy and feeling so much stronger. Sorry to hear you have already been through breast cancer treatment. You will find lots of wonderful people here to ease and support you through your journey. I know what you mean about the 'think positive' comment. Though meant with good heart, I too found it frustrating at times. Rany away whenever you get the urge!!! Hope you have a calm weekend. Frances x
  • Thank you Fran - so sorry to hear about the endometrial cancer- did u suspect it  or were the results a shock? Glad you are feeling so much stronger, a long hard path isnt it?

    Have a good weekend- will post when I know more


    Thanks again for replying

  • I understand your agony in waiting for results.  I have had womb cancer which developed from atypical hyperplasia and then recurred twice, so I have been there many times.  I am currently waiting for the results of my latest MRI scan, to investigate pelvic pain, so I am in the "agony" state too!

    I don't know what to suggest to get through it, other than to try to keep busy and not to think about anything other than the task you are currently doing.  Every one of us feels the same and none of us know the answer - the waiting is possibly even worse than the diagnosis!.

    I hope you find out soon what is wrong and that it is a benign condition that can be easily sorted.  But, in the meantime, please know that we are here for you - no one fights alone! 

    Wishing you good health

  • Thank you Helen

    When did you have the MRI? And when and how will you get results. Pelvic pain mist be awful and I wish for a good outcome for you,let me know please

    Yes, keeping  busy and happy and then the fear strikes like a knife in the stomach

    Upset by a colleagues remark " oh its probably fibroids"- when I know it isnt . I also find people ignorance about their bodies- so many people dont know what "endometrium " is so I say lining of the womb. I think having breast cancer you have to learn the medical stuff first to keep up with what you are being told and in my case the ever changing picture leading up to diagnosis

    Plus there are pre cancers and cancers - different types and people not affected dont realise the complexity of it which of course is fair enough.I think I have hyperplasia as my endometrium is 12mm and that can be benign or pre malignant . Lets see

    All the best and thank you for your words


  • Oh you poor Bigbrowneyes,

    What a journey you've been on and how you must feel now! I was so sorry to read your post and understand some of what you're going through.

    I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer 4 years ago & it was a long journey to the diagnosis.  Each stage of results after the initial (there's nothing wrongs ...) seemed to be worse news than the last. I knew something wasn't right (like you) but never thought it was going to end up as cancer. I had  all my treatment (radical hysterectomy, chemotherapy & radiotherapy) 4 years ago & finished Aug 2008 (aged 50).  Since then I never fully recovered my energy & my bowels were damaged by the r/t so I have short bowel syndrome (basically it doesn't work well).

    However I regained office skills went on to get a part time job & have been enjoying my time & family. It's been great & I've been able to focus my mind on priorities and see so many positives & good things.

    In Jan this year I started with Pelvic pain and have recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer throughout abdomen, lymph nodes and lungs.  I knew there was something wrong (despite the consultant saying it was radiotherapy scarring) but it was a body blow to hear how much I was right!

    Anyway! There's no saying that there's anything wrong with you like that.  Just shared so you can see that I really do understand what you're going through.  Keep your chin up, keep fighting & look for all the positive & good things that you have in your life.

    Thinking of you,

    Best Wishes,


  • HI
    I had the MRI scan two days ago (Thursday) and I will get the results by phone next Thursday.  Actually, they will probably be available next Tuesday but we are moving house and I knew I couldn't deal with it in the middle of everything else!  I know that some hospitals/consultants won't give results by phone, but, like SmilingDeb, I have been on this merry-go-round for some years and so they know me well enough now and are prepared to phone me.  They also know that there is someone with me when I take the call, so if the news is bad, I have support. 

    I try to adopt the "never trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you" approach, but it is difficult to stay positive sometimes.  I have already had two recurrences, so it is quite possible that this pain is the herald for a third one.  But it could also be something completely innocent (scar tissue pressing on nerves or something) so I am trying to hang on to hope !

    I know what you mean when you say that the fear strikes like a knife in the stomach - I get that feeling too as I'm sure most of those waiting for a diagnosis do too.  It is such a difficult time, but I do hope that you have a good outcome too.  As you already know, there are many conditions that it could be other than cancer, so try to hang on to hope, too.

    Kindest wishes

  • Thinking of all you  awaiting results, and those of  you know the outcomes..good and bad.  This site is such an inpiration and has taught me to take every day and treasure it, thank you for sharing your experiences xx


  • I am waiting my results they told me my womb lining is 36mm aprox. I have had surgery to remove it by a hysterectomy plus ovaries etc. I have to wait until next week for my results but its so hard to stay positive but with fingers crossed they got it all in one go but if not, being positive is the only way to go it nice to know I am not the only one Hope every thing goes well for you

  • Hi


    Gosh 36mm! I thought 12 mm was a lot- good luck with the results-always scary as its only when the histology is done on the whole thing that the clearer picture is made

    What type of cancer did you have in the womb? Yeah people say be positive but often they are the ones who dont know the dreaded fear feeling

    Let me know and ask lots of questions when you get the results


  • thanks Jill they said it is endometrial cancer but until I had the op they don't know if its spread. I am quite positive but you are quite right I am dreading the results Thanks again Jill.


  • To Suebow, Jill and All

    You are so right about the waiting for results being one of the worst parts of all this. 

    And the worst bit is that the doctors and nurses can't speed things up

    I am waiting for some results at the moment as well. The consultant glibly said well this isn't cancer when he saw me in clinic pre-op, but that is what the gynae consultant said after the hysteroscopy that diagnosed the endometrial cancer last year!

    So I will wait for the pathology results this time before I breathe a sigh of relief. Roll on Tuesday.

    I bought a new car yesterday to take my mind off it all :-) A bit drastic but it feels good,  a two seater convertible. I pick it up on Friday, just in time for the sun to go in. If it rains for the next forty days it will be my fault and I apologise now.

    Fingers crossed for all who are waiting for results, 

    Hugs Suw

  • BIG {{{HUGS}}} to everyone (including me) who is waiting for results of tests or treatments at the moment.  The waiting is a killer, isn't it?

    Perhaps I should go and buy a new car, too - sounds like great therapy to me  LOL!

    Helen xx

  • Hi Hellie and Suw and the other lovely people who have messaged me


    I will keep in this group and follow you all and pray for good results. In the end last Monday I couldnt bear it anymore and rang the hospital for my results. The gynae sec said they were both fine"!! Phew- I will see gynae in July as I need to have answers as to why my womb lining is so thick and Im worried its due tamoxifen. I have asked for the actual pathology report to be sent to me as I would like to know what sort of  endometrial hyperplasia I have

    So I was very very lucky and I know that and I pray for you all





  • Jill 

    That is fantastic news, I am so pleased for you