Vulva cancer

A group for anyone affected by VIN (a pre-cancerous condition) or vulva cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma and vulval melanoma. This is a place to get together, ask questions, share experiences and support each other.

What to expect?

No. of entries: 4 | Posted on 8 May 2013 8:49 AM

What to expect?

  • Hi there I had to wait two weeks for results of biopsy of lump on my clitoris. It was cancer and I ended up having surgery to remove it as well as lymph nodes removed in both groins. Thankfully it hadn't spread but I had to wait two weeks to find this out. The waiting is awful but I think it's unavoidable as the labs need this time to examine the tissue properly. I found that once I'd got a diagnosis and a plan of treatment I was much less stressed. It was the first wait that was the worst although I'd prepared myself for it being cancer. The best advice is to keep as busy as you can if you do end up waiting for results. My consultant is fantastic. At the first appointment he took a case history and examined me. I was in the next day for a biopsy under a general because of the position of the lump. Hope you get on ok tomorrow.

    Best wishes Sue

  • Well I had told the GP i thought it was cancer and so he referred me as urgent 2-week wait case. I told the consultant what I thought and although he didn't use the word cancer he said he was worried about me and wanted me in the next day to do a biopsy. He also gave me the card of the specialist nurse. I was so glad he did because I was really calm in his office but went to pieces the next morning and ended up ringing her in a panic. I was petrified of the thought of having a general anaesthetic as I'd never had one. I was shocked when he said the results would take that long. I think you just want it all sorted as quickly as possible don't you. I got results on 27th February and had operation on 5th March.

  • Hi, I know the waiting is the worst! I have had 2 WLE (Wide local excision) for vulva cancer. The first time I was in shock when I got the result - my GP thought it might be LS at the initial appt / biopsy. The Dr. who did the biopsy really didn't want to say much until the lab results come in. My results were back within a week so once the biopsy was done it wasn't very long. After surgery, it was within 2 weeks for results too. The 2nd time I KNEW right away as it was exactly the same as the first time, and it had grown / spread much quicker. I still had to have a biopsy but my Dr. and I knew it was the same. 2nd surgery was worse - more skin removed around lower vulva, perianal - vagina entrance. Not fun but I am OK now. Anyway, stay busy if you can and it will be over before you know it. Once they know what they are dealing with things will move along rather quickly I hope. Hope this helps a little bit. :) Take care.