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The LID Diet

No. of entries: 17 | Posted on 21 Jul 2011 4:45 PM

The LID Diet

  • I know this subject has been thoroughly thrashed out and will no doubt continue to be but as it's current for me i thought I might witter on about it.

    First of all like many aspects of this journey we are subject to the vagaries of different Doctors/Hospitals/Countries. Some don't even mention it, some say do it for 3 weeks and give a pretty comprehensive list. Then there are other options in between those 2 I heard of some one who was just told not to eat seafood and then i think it was Wooly who has been given a diet sheet 7-8 weeks before. Then there is the bit after, some ok you to stop LID as soon as you have swallowed the pill, others want you to go on a couple of days.

    Who is Right?

    The other problem is that with a cancer diagnosis you lose a bit of your logic and the LID is something you can take control of. In my case for example, i have had six months of tests and appointments wondering what was going to be said or revealed and i don't much fancy that again in a hurry. So if I follow LID to the letter I'm doing my bit, right? But if i didn't follow it exactly as asked and i needed another treatment could it be because a banned substance passed my lips???

    So, my Mac Mates, please don't think I'm in a terribly quandary about this, the above was written slightly tongue in cheek but hopefully highlighting something we all feel to some extent.

    It's confession time now.......... don't shout at me please! I'm in week 1 of 3 week LID and i had a chocolate brownie today. I'll do a hundred lines as penance,

    I must not eat chocolate brownies when on the LID diet

    I must not eat chocolate.............etc etc


  • Kazzyx2
    It's confession time now.......... don't shout at me please! I'm in week 1 of 3 week LID and i had a chocolate brownie today.


    AAHHHH!!!!!!!!!Nooooooo Devil

    Find some willow branches and go beat yourself in the garden till the Brownies sweat out! 

    Its easy to slip up TBH, I got to the point where I was questioning Brown Sauce, mad I know, but I think the invasive nature of the RAI, you'd have to really not bother with LID for it not to work. I saw your finding the T3 a bit techy, Im still on it since the end of March lol, funnily enough, Im on 80 mg a day, and it still doesn't really hit me that much, I do burn it up very quickly, by that I mean I get knackered very quickly then 'bounce' back, going to be an interesting road finding the right 'pitch' for our meds.

    Hope all goes well on your LID, just look forward to all the fry up brekkies youll have, I found Weatherspoon a good punt for a brekkie/brunch Big SmileBig Smile


  • Now you can imagine my life surrounded by cake and bread at work and having to say no to all of it. At least it's week one of three which might well be overkill anyway.

    I've already got the bottom of the fridge stocked with ultra dark chocolate with no banned substances in it.

  • Lots of taste the dif smoked mackeral with jersey royals, peas and lashings of hot butter & mayo beetroot on the side with a good salad and simple garlic/lemon xvirg oil dressing. enjoy

  • goliver4

    Lots of taste the dif smoked mackeral with jersey royals, peas and lashings of hot butter & mayo beetroot on the side with a good salad and simple garlic/lemon xvirg oil dressing. enjoy

    Behave Ol - that's just pure food porn and not nice on a thread about the nasty old LID. BAD BOY!

  • Hmmm, yes dynamic but NAUGHTY Ollie has been at work, it's just as well that smoked mackerel isn't top of my wish or else!!!!

    On that subject though, what is top of my wish list.

    Chocolate and cake are sorely missed

    Cooked breakfast


    Next  question is how do YOU do LID?

    I obviously don't eat anything from the sea nor anything that could have the pink colouring.

    My protein comes from beef, lamb, pork and chicken, nothing cured.

    Nothing processed.

    No bread because of uncertainty re salt.

    No dairy except milk.

    No or very very low salt cereal like shredded wheat or optivita.

    Loads of fruit and veg of course.

    Biggest irritation for me apart from the no chocolate bit is lunch times as i have to make a mini dinner rather than a quick sarny.


  • As a non-meat eater, the LID is terrible. As I wait frustratedly for my thyrogen, I thought I'd get a crack on with some cooking. I am perpetually frustrated by the way that cookery books never tell you if stuff can be frozen.

    So today we have four pots of cauliflower and tomato curry, 6 small pots of tadka dahl (which looks and has the texture of baby food), a massive vat of yellow split pea dahl and a vast pan of tomato and courgette 'stuff'.

    Hubby is going to give me a couple of shelves in the freezer and I'll do a few dishes a week until the time comes. We also have a ton of stewed apple that we cooked up a few weeks ago - I had that (with a bit of organic granola sprinkled on top) every morning for two weeks last time. 

    I have bribed some of the bakers at work in preparation for asking for them to knock out some salt-free bread for me but I'll probably live off stuff and rice, stuff and wholemeal pasta and loads of guacamole, so strong it'll take your head off. Will make loads of hummus too (and falafels).

    Will all the lentils and beans I will be levitating within a week. Oh, and salt and shake crisps (without the salt and with my pink Himalayan added instead) will see me through the worst moments.

  • I've turned into Linda Blair-  but tell me as I'm a bit out of the loop on RAI, are you going around for it again Barbara, or is it a tie-in with the scan that gives a much finer reading in conj with LID? 

    I try be good.  I learn. My head has ceased rotating. Ol.

  • I'm bad Kazzy, but I was glad you had a brownie, because I wasn't very good at LID, and although I tried to avoid fish & jaffa cakes, I'm sure I bombed out on great areas of the banishment. Never mind, and I was lucky. But if and when I get to go round again I will be quite a bit more careful me thinks. Despite the contradictions from all sorts of health pros, something about going back for RAI delivers the shock to behave - so I will. Humblest ~ Ol.

  • Olly, i do like your style of writing it is colourful and entertaining to read. Anyway, your last sentence ties in pretty neatly with my opening post on this thread. We know the odd deviation isn't big especially  as some Dr's dont even use LID, however the advice gets popped into our hands and treated like the holy grail  because it's our way of having a little control.

    Actually, i have just had a deeply scientific thought!!!! This could be dodgy as my scientific practice stops at calorie counting these days so bear with me here. All organisms (check spelling there!!) are programmed to eat right? It's survival instinct, I'm thinking of fish here as a bit of an angler and they eat when it's there because they don't know where the next meal is coming from. If thyroid cells eat iodine surely they aren't sophisticated enough to decided where they are on the hunger scale, they just eat it.

    I can imagine people laughing their heads of at this post and so am i. Put it down to a week of low iodine diet please, what i'd for a plate of fish and chips.

    We need a scientist here and the nearest i can think of is you Barbara, come on step in and save me from myself please.


  • No, not RAI at this point. It's the whole body scan which I was told would take place 4 to 6 months after RAI (but that was already 6 months ago).

  • Makes sense to me Kazzy. There's been a big bust at Duke Iodineee's HQ and all the crackheads are down on their luck. In the weeks that follow they start to hunger and hang out 'Quartier Ne Anterieur'   ---- ---- waiting for the Man.

    And one day she strolls by this glowing Ms Isotopeee. Oh you should have seen them dance.


  • Kazzyx2
    We need a scientist here and the nearest i can think of is you Barbara, come on step in and save me from myself please

    Actually most 'higher' animals are programmed to stop when they are full - though Baloo my cat might well be evidence that it's not really true.

    The thyroid doesn't behave like an animal - instead it's got a saturation point beyond which it won't take any more iodine. Think about the Japanese Fukashima disaster - they were shipping in iodine tablets so that regular non radioactive iodine would be soaked up to 'fill' the thyroid and then prevent it taking any more of the radioactive stuff. It's like watering a plant - once the soil is soaked, anything more will just run through.

    Does that sound plausible?

  • I think i might have overdosed on unsalted nuts!! Thanks Barbara, knew you'd have a clearer take on it.

    Olly, now you've done it, when Ms Isotopee arrives in 2 weeks i shall be giggling!


  • cashews. I was going through a NWLCN email I got today about one of the things being thrashed out. It's an Information Prescription, and I don't know if it's readily available yet, but I would recommend a go. They are available for breast cancer, and I formatted TC and it produced good info from many sources plus Mac & C/research advice. One info that needed a good amount of feedback(geddit!) was LID.