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  • Hi I'm new to the group. Diagnosed with thyroid cancer in August this year. Thyroid, 2 para thyroids, lymph nodes and neck muscles removed same month.  Just started low iodine diet and due to commence radio iodine treatment at Christie Hospital mid November. Any tips for the low iodine diet, ie can you eat dark chocolate ? 

  • Hi there I have had half my thyroid removed 2 weeks ago went back and they want to remove the rest they say for precaution it don't return mite also have to have my lymph nodes removed will
    Find out this week was yours removed as a precaution ?
  • Hi female.

    Welcome to the group. I had my main neck muscle removed, you are the 1st person I have come across that has had that done too. How are you getting on with movement?

    The low iodine diet, I ate green and black 70%, anything with a high coca content is ok.

    If you look at the discussions a bit further down, you will find a few things on the LID, it's come up a few times in the last month or so.

    All the best with the RAI.

    Lolabean :)
  • Hi there

    Trying to get my head around this site,so excuse me if already replied.

    Had my thyroid, para thyroids, lymph nodes and some neck muscles removed because I had pipillary and follicular cancer. Started the low iodine diet and come off my t3 medication 7 days ago. Starting to feel a bit dopey but can rationalise why. Good luck 


  • Hi there

     Not sure how to navigate this sight properly, so excuse if I've already replied.

    Initially my neck was a little stiff, but I was advised to do some basic neck movements which seemed to help. My necks a little stiff, but it's not unbearable.

    Still trying to find discussions re lid.