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Am I winding myself up?

No. of entries: 39 | Posted on 17 Jan 2012 04:15
  • From the good experience I had(by and large) the communication between different depts should be excellent, but surely depends on the hospital, NHS/NHS private or independent private. All I can say is my lot at St Marys Paddington all had Monday meeting(ward round) and I never experienced disjointed healthcare.  But I do see this varies hugely. Didn't UCL have a dodgy surgeon who managed to slip the net to continue botched ops up north(Ruth Picardie one 'victim').

    St Mary's now trialing a robot in vascular ops.

    I reckon from Kazzy's accounts Marsden will do right by you.


  • I just read Ruth Picardie's book and I don't think she had a botched op - she had a botched diagnosis. They told her the lump was benign and 2 years later when they realised it wasn't, it had gone too far.

  • Yes you are correct Barbara - you jogged my poor memory. So maybe an onco rather than surgeon. Apologies for specifics.

  • Apologies right back at you Oliver - we're both sort of right. She didn't botch Ruth's op but she did botch a load of other people's.

    Here's the article I found:

    Apologies to anyone wondering how we ended up writing about breast cancer deaths in the middle of the TC forum. As an explanation, I have been hitting the cancer bookshelves pretty heavy the last few months. Strange as it might sound, I find great comfort in being reminded how lucky I am and how many much worst cancers there are out there. I guess it's like people reading those 'my crap childhood' memoirs in order to feel better about their own lives.

  • I do this too Barbara :-)

    I read and still read lots of cancer experience books of other people's accounts of their journey. It is comforting to be reminded how lucky we are and it's also a way of connecting with other people who have an understanding of what we've been through ourselves.

  • Thanks Karenjane - it's good to know I'm not the only one doing that.

    I have to confess to also reading lots of other personal accounts of triumph over adversity. When you sit down and read about someone hiding from the Rwandan genocide with a dozen other people squeezed into a bathroom hidden behind a cupboard in the dark you think 'Hey, life really could be an awful lot worse'

    My good news of the day - a nice low Thyroglobulin result on my latest test (0.1). That's three in a row of good ones since I had my weirdly elevated one at the time of my body scan. I'm now starting to believe it really might have been an error.

  • good about Thyroglobulin !!!

    I read the article from the first time you mentioned it about Ruth Picardie, and i felt sad that she only had a few years with her new born twins!!!

    funny that but i've started 2 days ago a book "the C word" about breast cancer, blimey i 'm sooooo ill educated about chemo, didn't know it still made u sick to the 9 , thought they had resolved that by now, how naiiiiive of me!

    my 7 y old asked me what is the C word... i explained (yes i did say it was a swear word -not which one though- but also meant cancer ) i never put a capital letter to the bastard disease by the way! 


    x BaGuEtTe x a tous les repas ;-)

  • Very good news about your thyroglobulin result! Mine's been a similar level for 6 years now. Am hoping it stays that way now I've reduced my dose from 150mcg to 125mcg.

    On the book front, John Diamond's C Because Cowards Get Cancer Too is an excellent book. Moving and hilarious equally. He had throat cancer which did sadly kill him but it charts his journey from diagnosis and gosh I could relate to so much of it. Can thoroughly recommed this book.  Ruth Picardie's book was very sad and upset me a lot because my daughter was only 6 months old when I got my cancer diagnosis and leaving her and my older daughter behind was my MAJOR fear. So that was a hard book to read. If The Spirit Moves you by Justine Picardie, Ruth's sister, is a very good book too. Not about cancer necessarily but a glimpse of how cancer affects other family members too.