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Thyrogen - is it available?

No. of entries: 10 | Posted on 14 Sep 2011 08:04
  • Olly, fingers crossed that all turns out well with your FNA.


  • Thanks Kazzy. I've been away for a bit, just a break, so out of the Mac loop a bit. Trying to keep up with the NWLCN involvement plus posts here, but not doing very well. Concerning myself, I have to add that my lead consultant in US did retire so no2 is in the hot seat now. When she did a scan pre-op 18 months ago she unfortunately missed all the pap(whereas my old LC spotted it) trouble left neck(right follicular could hardly miss at 6cm) - so it might be a case of unfinished business in terms of making doubly sure. Shall see.

    Hoping your post RAI results are coming back okay.  yrs Olly.

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