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Carboplatin and Acid Reflux

No. of entries: 18 | Posted on 21 Sep 2013 3:45 AM

Carboplatin and Acid Reflux

  • I know this should go into my Carboplatin diary, but I didn't want it to go un-noticed. So, I'm on Day 3 (early AM day 3) after my carboplatin. I woke up today at 3.30am feeling fine except some real bad acid reflux. It will just bubble up and try to rise up my food pipe and hurt really bad. Then it will stop and go away.

    This is the only symptom I seem to be having now. WIll Domperidone help with this? Or what about milk? Could really do without the acid. I'd be feeling perfect without that.

    Itzman suggested omeprazole, so I will try that today once the chemist opens. I just tried some flavoured milk which has done absolutely nothing. It's not constant, but when it strikes it's quite painful. Laying off the fizzy Lucozade today, back to plain water.

    Also, just a quick note but on Monday I had a kidney function test and the needles left my arms sore where they took blood. A couple of days later I got bruises around the area. Since the chemo the bruising just looks darker and is not really disappearing now. Why is this?

  • Am currently on BEP and only symptoms I seem to be getting is a little acid, what seems to be helping me is lots of water,  no fizzy drinks and snaking on ginger biscuits when it gets bad (bloody hate ginger biscuits tho)

    And Of the topof my head am sure one of the side effects of chemo is a tendancy to bruise easily and take a bit longer to recover.

  • Hey Ju8tin,

    How's the BEP going for you bud, hope you're doing ok. Ginger biscuits ... now there's a thought. Will send the girlfriend for some when Asda opens. There is no way I am leaving the bed today far to tiered and queesy.

    I ended up taking my anti sickness which helped a great deal. But I fell asleep for an hour now when I woke up again it's back to feeling sick and a bit of acid.

    I know it will all pass eventually. Just a little uncomfortable.

    I hope you're feeling ok bud, stay strong :D Lap up the downtime, that's what I'm doing he he,

  • It was the Girlfriend mum who suggested the ginger biscuits, no idea why but seem to do the trik for me.. or a thick frijj milkshake haha.

    Am good thanks hope your sicknesd passes for you pal.

  • Go to nearest doctor and get omeprazole.

    It 100% fixes it instantly.

  • Itzman is correct with the tablets he talks about they neutralize any acid before it starts and they work quickly but if all your getting is acid reflux then great news. The other good point is about the bruising when your cells get destroyed I had to stop playing ice hockey due to this and had to wait for my blood results before getting back on the ice and when I did it was a great feeling. 

  • hi

    you can buy dried up ginger with or without suger or dring green tead with ginger

    good luck

  • Just realised it's not over the counter. Will call my doctor and see if someone can go and pick it up for me.

    @andy, yeah it seems I haven't actually been sick or anything. So far I've been kinda lucky.

    Cheers guys.

  • imageek

    never have milk to solve heart burn it solves it for the next minutes but after creates more heartburn.

    try to sleep at an angle not flat on your back, like 30 degrees with a few more pillows.

    of course raw almonds help a lot.

  • I learnt the milk thing the hard way ha ha!

    On another note, the gingernut biscuits and doritos are working magic on my stomach! It's as if they are sucking up all the excesses acid in my stomach and stopping it from trying to travel upwards. I don't feel sick either.

  • what are doritos ? you mean chips from corn ?

  • Yeah. It was another tip I was told a couple of weeks back. I guess it's like eating dry crackers that they tell pregnant women to do to deal with morning sickness. I have the Walkers Doritos.

  • Hi There Ima,

    I suffered for years with acid reflux from a hiatus hernia and was told to buy antacid tablets. One day my GP realised I had been on ibuprofen for a long time and prescribed omeprazole to protect my digestive system. Omeprazole is what is known as a  proton pump inhibitor which is a posh phrase for something which reduces acid production.

    From that day I have not suffered with acid reflux.

    Of course, you will need to talk to your MDT to make sure it's compatible with your treatment.

    Good luck,


  • Sorry to bump an old post, I found this via google.

    I had my single dose of carboplatin 38 hours ago and the acid reflux started within 20 hours of treatment. I am now only sipping water and nibbling on ginger biscuits and dry crunchy nut cornflakes which takes the edge of it but doesn't stop. I also get a full on watery mouth and very close to being sick but nothing yet. I have some anti acid chewable tablets from Asda that also help but I don't know if I should be taking them with dexamethasone, ondansetron and domperidone. 

  • Hello mate I had the same treatment three weeks past friday and similar acid trouble. I found to combat it you need to eat, the more you do the better but small amount often as I learned the hard way with a big meal then felt I could burst. Try some toast but get something inside you for the acid to work on mate. I took first anti sickness tablet at five o'clock on the day of my treatment and it had only finished at two, then at four in the morning I needed them again. I had the treatment as I say on the Friday and eventually because of the burning acid I phoned GP on the Wednesday and was advised that if I was not being sick then stop all tablets, that night I felt great and it never came back. Got to say though that gas is still a problem now but liquorice helps. I was told perfectly safe to take Gaviscon or Rennie by my GP. The medication works on your brain to stop you actually being sick but that does not say that your body would not prefer to be sick but it is best not to ever let yourself get to that point. Dougie