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Stomach cancer

A group for anyone affected by stomach cancer, including adenocarcinoma and GISTs (gastrointestinal stromal tumours). This is a place to get together, ask questions, share experiences and support each other.

Krukenburg Stomach cancer with secondary mets to the ovary

No. of entries: 4 | Posted on 10 Feb 2013 10:24 PM

Krukenburg Stomach cancer with secondary mets to the ovary

  • Hi All my name is Dawn,

    I am really posting as my mum who is 52 has been diagnosed with this cancer in sep 2012. It has taken 2 years to diagnose her and its was an aweful process firstly she had a blockage in her stomach and had no end of tests, all biopsies came back as raised for cancer but my mum was told by an upper gi surgeon that its 99.9% non cancerouse tumour so surgury went ahead and they removed the tumour, My mum appeared to recover well until she found huge lumps in her lower pelvis. She went to the doctors and they refured her to gynocologist who ordered that all of my mums previouse byopsies be investigated by the mulidisaplinary team. In the mean time her abdomen became really swollen to the point where she looked pregnant so I took her to A&E. She was then put on a ward and the upper gi surgeon and his team that operated on her told her that the mulidisaplinary team had discovered that she did indeed have cancer. They told her this whilst she was alone on the ward infront of other patients and did not inform any nurses or cancer specialist to talk to her. 3 days later we all waited for 8 hours for the surgeon to come and explain everything to us. He put his foot up on the bed and told my mum that she was dying but could not back anything up with any facts as he was not a cancer specialist but she did indeed have stomach cancer with secondry mets to the ovarys! We finally saw an oncologist about a week later who suggested she goes on E0X chimotherapy but after the fith cycle my mum became very ill when she showed no previouse symptoms so chimo was abandoned. 3 weeks later we are waiting to be re scanned as swelling has re occured in stomach. Has anyone else out there been diagnosed???? Or treated this was by the NHS???? Please get in touch if you can shed any light on the situation?? My mum was told she has months as aposed to years she is my best friend and if there is anyone out there that knows or can suggest anything I would be forever grateful..... Dawn Fitzgerald

  • Hi Dawn, I'm so sorry to hear of your plight but here's my wife's story. My world fell apart when my gorgeous wife Julie ( 47 ) was diagnosed with stomach cancer, this was after eleven months of being treated for an ulcer, then we decided to go private and get to the bottom of the problem. She had an endoscopy late November 2011 and we were awaiting the results the day after my works Christmas party 10th December 2011. I will never forget the look on my poor wife's face when they gave us the results, she just burst into tears. Her brother was diagnosed with liver cancer 3 weeks earlier and we never gave it a thought that she would have this dreaded disease. She had a full stomach removal but there were signs during the operation that one of her overies was enlarged, sure enough it had spread she now had krukensberg and had a full hysterectomy 6weeks later. That poor woman, after several rounds of chemo and enduring the skull cap to keep her hair she seemed to be Okish. Then at the next scan there were spots showing. It's lingering in the shadows just waiting again. Next was a different type of chemo that meant a skull cap couldn't be worn and inevitably she would lose her crowning glory her hair. The next scan seemed positive nothing untowards we were told,great some good news for a change. All change after the next scan again, it's back, this time Julie is not strong enough to have anymore chemo and I wouldn't have wanted her to go through it either. We got Christmas 2012 out of the way only for our oncology appointment in January 2013 to be told she has between 6 and 9 months. Our granddaughter was born on 9th March 2013 which kept Julie going I think. I came home from work Tuesday 9th April for Julie to say we're going on holiday to Sorrento Italy, I asked when and she said Friday for a week. After the first week she was feeling fine so we booked for a second week and then a third. We didn't' make the whole three weeks as she took ill two days before we were due to fly home and straight to hospital, Julie had another scan we saw her oncologist and her two surgeons that did the operations only to be told that she has several tumours in her intestines now and surgery wasn't an option. Prognosis 6 to 8 weeks. Julie went from a size 16 down to a size 6 she said that's not me when she looked in a mirror. She could not eat as she would bring it straight back and that was so painfully to watch. She died 21st June longest day. Take care Dawn and I'm very sorry that you had to read this. Paul
  • Hi Paul,

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your wife.

    My mum also passed away on the 28th April 2013 after 8 months of suffering!

    I feel they need to make people more aware of this cancer they treated my mum for year before diagnosis for reflux and ulcers!! I think its a disgrace that no one can tell you anything about it!

    But may it give you some peace to know that she like my mother is in a much better place a place we can only dream of going and we will miss them but only for a little while as life is to short for us all! Until we all meet again RIP Angels xxx Paul I hope you are learning how to cope well enough god bless you xxx

  • Thank you Dawn, coping??? I can't really answer that one yet but I''m let's say getting by at the moment. If I could have taken the illness for her I would have at the drop of a hat as I think it is so cruel to see someone suffer so much from this awful disease, I just hope it's not too long before we are together again. Take care. Paul. Xxx