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Trabectedin (Yondelis) Is or has anyone used this?

No. of entries: 12 | Posted on 18 Dec 2013 08:23
  • Due to start on the above. This will be my 3rd chemo. Wondered if anyone else has used or is using it.

  • Hi, I may be starting Trabectedin soon. How did it go?


  • Hi Summer How you doing? When do you think you will be starting Trabectedin? How many cycles do you get? I'm just interested as trying to gather as much knowledge as possible about the treatments offered as I'm a bit green about the gills about all this sarcoma business. Xxx
  • Hi, I am due to start in two weeks. 6 cycles or more if successful. I had doxorubicin with paliosfamide(trial drug) in 2011/12 which shrank lung and liver mets, then ifosfamide 2013. Both shrank tumours.
  • That's great Summer. Hope it goes smoothly for you. Sorry, I can't remember but have you ever been offered or had surgery for your lung mets? X
  • No, the only surgery I've had is a hysterectomy.
  • Summer, Is there a reason you haven't been offered surgery for your lung mets? There seems to be such a variety of treatment protocols around the country. Well it appears that way to me anyway! Sorry for all the questions and you don't have to answer! I'm just trying to get my head round what's going on out there and making sure that I'm getting appropriate treatment. I've read so many different stories that I just don't know what's best anymore. We put our faith in our oncologists but I'm starting to wonder if the route I'm going down is the best for me. Xxx
  • Hi sorry for late reply!  Well I started the Trabectedin but in October scan should kidney tumours not shrinking but lungs were. Had a 10 day course of radiotherapy on the kidney. Scan in December now shows not working on lungsbut radiotherapy did shrink the kidney!! Have come of Trabectedin and will now start 10 day radiotherapy on the lungs.  There aren't many options left chemo wise. Also I still don't fully understand why they don't operate! They do tell me but I forget. Cheom brain!  Anyway how are you doing?

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