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rodent ulcer on face

No. of entries: 10 | Posted on 11 Sep 2010 9:10 AM

rodent ulcer on face

  • hi just wondered if anyone esle has had experience of this. im seeing a plastic surgeon on the 30 sept to discuss the surgery. also have a funny mole removed from toe agt the same time


  • Hi PH,

    I have only just seen your request regarding a 'Rodent ulcer' My mother was diagnosed with one of these which in her case was on her nose, it had been there for quite some time and looked a bit like the beginings of a small boil or large spot, it then progressed into what i can only describe as a small growth, it was only then that she sought help! she was 84 at the time, and like most older generation didnt like to bother the doctor! which was a big mistake.

    If i can be of any help to you please get in touch.

    Kind regards


  • hi ph

    I am going through the same situation as you mine is on the left eye, I am now waiting for surgery which i will have in the next six weeks.  I am in my fifties and was rather surprised when it was diagonosed as i dont like sitting in the sun.  If you need any support just let me know as I have just joined the group.




  • hi, i had a rodent ulcer on the side of my nose and had mohs surgery last september hope all goes well for yiu i have just had my 9th op the reconstruction i found the hardest but nearly there no. i am 44 years old.

  • Hi, I too am having mohs surgury in a couple of weeks and i am very nervous as it appears i may loose half my nose and have been geting a lot of pain in the area below the eye socket. I have read all about the surgury and i know initially there are two phases to the reconstructive surgury, were all your other operations to help with the cometic result. my plastic surgeon said it may need work. I work in a customer facing role and i am very scared the impact it will have on my self esteem and wether i will want to face the world after. were you off work for a long time ?

  • Hi, i too lost the side iof my nose and had the pain under my eye like pressure which went instantly after the mohs surgery . Where are you havung that done i went to oxford i then waited just over a week for the reconstruction to start, i wont say that was easy because it wasnt, it was very painful and dint look very nice , from the start of the reconstruction i was off work for 4 months then went back to work and then had 3 weeks off again after another op. i had 5 reconstruction ops in total and now look as much as i did . I wish i had someone who had gone through it although partner friends familly were supportive it was hard for them too. i would love to stay in touch with you and hear how you get on . take care debbie xx

  • Hi Debbie, thank you so much for replying i am sure you can appreciate how great it is to be in touch with someone who has been through this. I have finished work today as i am so tired and i am really struggling and felt it was time i looked after myself. I am having my surgury at St Helliers in Carlshalton followed by the reconstructive the next day at St Georges. I know it wont look nice i am already worried that i will find it hard to deal with a new 'look' . You said it was painfull was that the reconstructive or the Mohs? I understand they leave a patch on your forhead open to heal itself and stitch the middle up that must be very sore. It all seems very surreal. I know i am not going to die but its awful for your self esteem to think that you might not like what you see after and my confidence has never been great so i reckon it will be hard unless i have a perfect nose lol .Did you have to be careful of infection after the surgury ? i am worried about that and am keeping visitors to a minimum after one because i wont want anyone to see me and two im worried about infection. am i being silly?So many questions i know i just hope i can help someone one day. I would rather have an honest persons experience of the whole thing than some gp telling me its a walk in the park. Mind you its true that unless you have been at the hands of cancer you cannot understand what someone goes through.its a horrible journey, in some respects i wish i was losing a breat at least that way i could hide it and no one would see it..... this is my face its what i am what represents me to the world will they see me differently as i will see myself as a stranger..... so confusing. Are you happy with your result? i am told it can take a year for it to settle down and look good.

    Thank you so much Debbie sorry for rattling on but i know you will understand.

    Take care Annette xx 

  • Hi Annette,

    I know how worried you must be feeling, but I thought I would share with you my experience of a bcc.  Mine too was on the side of my nose just at the side of my nostril.  I originally went to the doctor about 2 years ago who told me "if its not bothering you leave it alone" Doctors really need more training on skin cancer.

    I also had several rough scaly patches on my legs which wouldnt heal and one in particular on my ankle which was beginning to really bother me.  Eventually I ended up at the dermotology dept at the local hosp and after checking me all over - told me that the one on my nose was a bcc and the ones on my legs were bowens desease - in other words sun damaged skin.  I had three removed from different places but was told i would need MOHS for the nose one.  To be honest with you - although the word cancer was mentioned I didnt really feel scared - probably due to the fact that at the time our son was undergoing intensive chemo for a malignant brain tumour and my own problems didnt concern me in the slightest.

    Anyway to cut a long story short I had my MOHS surgery 3 weeks ago.  They give you so much local anaesthetic that you really dont feel a thing and that lasted for me until the next day.  They had to go in three times to get it all but MOHS really is best as they only take what they have to.  I did have a fair bit of pain after but nothing you cant cope with and the scar runs from the middle of the side of my nose to my top lip. I was lucky in that I didnt need a skin flap or graft and the surgeon was able to close it together nicely, the only thing that is bothering me is that the side of my lip is slanting downwards and my nostrils look slightly different, but this could improve and if it doesnt I can decide whether I want to live with it or have some reconstructive.  I had had my "enemy" for nearly three years before it was removed.

    I was told that bcc's do not spread to other areas of the body and can be quite slow growing and they really dont know how far it has grown inwards until they do surgery.   I had my surgery at Amersham and they were so kind and the nurses were lovely.  I hope my story has been some help - if you want any more advice or info please let me know and I hope it all goes ok for you as it did for me.

    Take care xx

  • Hi I am new to this but I read your story and I am in a similar situation with a rodent ulcer top of my nose by my eye and I am having it removed I hope on Wednesday next week at carshalton mohns surgery and reconstruction after at st Anthony's. I am terrified as it is 8mm wide and havent really been told what to expect other than I will need glabella flap . Why have you had to have 9 ops you poor thing. I thought it was all removed in one hit with reconstruction after. I would be very pleased to hear from you. Gmb
  • Hi Jo Richards sorry i am not sure what i am doing  i am hopeless with computers so please bear with me.  I would like to know where you have your bcc and if you have been told about Mohn's surgery and then reconstruction after.  I went to two hospitals in one day but my turned out to be a follicular tumor which is rare to have it in the corner of my nose right by my eye. It was all a bit daunting but they told me they got it all out and i am not expecting any further treatment. I  had the same proceedure done as if it was a bcc.  It was not reconstructed the same day unfortunately as they had to go a little deeper and it had to be sent off to make sure it had not gone into  the bone. It was closed up by plastic surgeon the following week with a cheek flap.  Dont worry to much i can understand how you are feeling and if i can be of any help to you, please dont hesitate. Please look into Mohns surgery it is the best you can have done and if you need reconstruction after with flap it is the way to go. I am in west sussex and had the Mohns done at St Heliers carshalton and reconstruction done at St Anthony's Cheam. I am sure you can get this surgery in edinburgh.  They are usually very up to date in treatment options. My in-laws live in Joppa and often talk about the hospitals in edinburgh and they seem so advanced in medical options and treatment -  better than down here. I am going for my check up on wednesday next week. It has healed really well so i have to be grateful it is out and in time the scar will look better and better as it fads and softens.  I couldnt find anyone on the web site to communcate with who had the same as me, so i hope i can be of some help to you. Keep in touch.