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Palliative Radio Therapy

No. of entries: 4 | Posted on 31 Mar 2013 10:32 PM

Palliative Radio Therapy

  • Hi everyone, has anyone had or asked for PRT a second time? I had five fractions last Nov. to help with pain in my ribs, it worked on my front ribs but now my back ribs are very painful. I will be seeing my onc. in 2 weeks. High doses of morphine are not helping anymore. I haven't been online lately due to not knowing anything useful about the topics raised.

    All the best to everyone    Garry colin  

  • Hi Garry Colin

    Try ringing you onc nurse don`t wait 2 weeks and suffer, that`s what they are there for to help you.  I wish I could give you some advice about the pain but I can`t, it does bother me though that you are suffering.

    You will ring them won`t you please don`t suffer.

    Wish I could help more.

    Kind regards.


  • Hi Jeniren, thanks for your reply, I phoned my nurse specialist and she said that RT was possible to have again so long as it is not in the same place as before as it could damage healthy cells. They will look again at my last scans (only about 2 weeks old) in the meantime increase the morphine. I'm taking 180 grams MST and up to 120 grams of breakthrough liquid morphine +20 grams of amytriptyline, I don't know if that's a lot or normal.

    Thanks again Garry colin 

  • Hi Gary Colin

    I`m not sure about the morphine, 20gs of amitriptyline is very low some people are on 250gs.

    Write everything down you want to ask on your next appointment, I used to keep a pen and paper by the side of me when I was watching tv and even when I was in bed I would keep them on the side table.  We always think of something we want to ask and then forget if you write it down when you think of something its there then ready for when you see your consultant next time,  and take it with you then you can just say to him/her I just want to ask you these questions.  

    They will not mind you asking and if they do make a point that you want these questions answered, it is you that is suffering not them anyway you have paid their wages when you were working through you NI.

    Take care Gary.