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Chemo to shrink tumour

No. of entries: 6 | Posted on 18 Mar 2012 9:20 PM

Chemo to shrink tumour

  • Hi


    Does anybody have any experience of chemo (Gemcitabin and Cisplatin) to shrink the tumour. Then radiotheraphy and what the prognosis is if they cannot operate after the treatment?


    Many thanks



  • Hi Dawn

    my husband, age 48,  had gemcitabine and cisplatin and it shrank the tumour. he was in severe pain originally and on the chemo he almost came off the morphine. His tumour was 6x3 cm originally. They weren't able to provide radiotherapy immediately afterwards in his case and it didn't shrink enough to operate but he got 27months total. However I do know of someone who they were able to operate on after just gem/cis chemo and someone else with squamous type, age 56,  who had gem/cis then chemoradiotherapy and then they removed the whole pancreas and he is doing well and active 5 years later.


  • Sue


    So sorry to hear of your loss, he was so young, this dreadful disease has no mercy.


    My dad has just completed his first cycle of chemo he is 65. He hsa been fit all his life but in November 2011 he had severe stomach pain. three G.P's and two consultants later he had a scan which showed lesions on his pancreas. A biopsey was completed and the diagnosis was made.


    He has been very tired with the treatment and doesnt have much of an appetite some days. I just wanted to hear from somebody who has had the same treatment as most of what you read on the internet doesnt give you much hope.


    My mum and dad still look after my sister who is mentally and severly disabled so we are very fearful of the future.


    Thank you once again Sue


  • Hi Sue

    My husband has inoperable Pancreatic Cancer. He has been on Gemcitabine, and after the first three months of treatment the tumor has shrunk by half. The plan was for him to go onto chemoradiation after the three months. However, the oncologist said he was having such a good response to the chemo that he didn't feel that he would gain anymore success doing that than staying just on the chemo. 

    He also gets very tired with the chemo. His appetite is good as long as he stays on the steroids, but they tried to wean him off them just before Christmas and his appetite fell through the floor and his pain increased. He has suffered muscle wastage in his legs and after just a short time he struggles to walk, so they are keen to get him off the steroids if possible. For the past 2 weeks he has been on one 2mg per day and so far he hasn't had any problems, so they will drop them again this week. He is also off the morphine as the tumor has shrunk and it doesn't cause him any pain at the moment, which is great.

    He is still inoperable but we're in a better position now than we were when he was diagnosed in October 2010. We're hoping that by the end of his last 3 months that he has even more response, we will have to wait and see.

    I hope things go as well as possible for your Dad. You will find good advice on this site and people to talk to that are in a similar position to you and your family.

    Take care, Di

  • Hi Di

    I think you mean to address that to dawn not me :-)

    did you mean diagnosed in Oct 2010 or Oct 2011?  Hope you get good results at the next scan

    best wishes Sue

  • Hi Sue

    Yes it was meant for Dawn and he was diagnosed in 2011 and not 2010.... I was obviously not concentrating properly when I wrote the post!!

    Thank you for the best wishes :-)

    Di xx