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  • Hi, I first went to my Gp mid august with some symptoms, bloating, uncomfortable feeling, pain in right ovary, urinary problems, Dr had a quick feel of pelvic area ( uncomfortable) and referred me for an ultrasound ( within 2 weeks ) And also arranged for a Ca125 test. Anyway 2 weeks later , after drinking lots of fluid, was told that i had a tilted uterus and bladder and so imaging was not clear so had an internal scan, Nothing mentioned and waited for results to be sent to GP. 10 days later had results, DR said it was most likely fybroids, but referred me to gynae as Ca 125 was elevated. 2 weeks later, Saw gynaecologist who had another feel. And raised some concerns, took more blood to measure marker again and referred me to gynaecological oncologist at another Hospital. Bloods came back as still elevated. Now, after waiting for 3 weeks, have received a letter inviting me to an appointment on 7th November! No mention of anything at all. What can i expect now? The letter gives no clues! Am going to ring bookings this morning to see if i can be seen earlier if someone cancels, Am still having pain in ovary, still uncomfortable, and exhausted and grumpy too!
  • Go back to your GP and ask them to call the hospital for more information, while you are there, I was sent for a CT scan of the abdomen, it's a much better way of diagnosing a problem. Don't sit back and wait, it isn't fair, you have the right to the information so dig your heels in and get it.

    Good luck LA

  • Thanks for your replies, My Gp saw the ultra sound results and mentioned thickening of the womb thats all, that wouldnt explain the pain would it? Also find it difficult to bend, sounds odd i know but it feels like something in the way that stps me bending forward! Will try and get appt this week at Drs . I've called bookings at the hosp and have now gone on the cancellation list so thats something. I really do not like dealing with my gp surgery!
  • Hi there

    Just been reading what you have been going  through. Do not panic as I am sure if it was considered urgent you would have had your appointment sooner, If there is any reason to believe cancer is present here in the North East they have what they call "Fast Track"  from your GP referring you results should only take 14 days. Ca numbers are pointers not only to cancer but many other ailments. I myself am six years clear and have suffered a bladder problem since my operation. The GP I had at the time kept fast tracking me to different hospitals because she could not find out why -anyway to cut along storey short   I changed  my GP practice who sent me to see a  gynacoligist.  I thought he had not read my records because there was nothing left for the gyno to look at but it turns out he also dealt with certain bladder problems and I have a stressed bladder it was all explained as to why this had come about,  Now why I say all this is that the gynaecologist has referred you to the oncologist  department of another hospital. This happens because whatever the problem is this hospital will be the one where the experts are who can solve and say what the problem is. I am not sure if you are aware but different cancers are treated at different  hospitals the same with certain complaints. I was not able to be treated at my local hospital they did not operate on OC. All tests were compleated local and then sent onto other hospital to be looked at. I have a friend in hospital at the moment and she thought it was cancer especially because her Ca was high but its not cancer and no matter what I said to her  about Ca  numbers she was convinced  the Ca results meant cancer. They are now looking at the medication she is taking. So try not to panic (easier said than done). Seems to me from what you have wrote that the Gyno is sending you to see the right people and he will have forwarded all your result to them  for them to check and confirm his findings after examining you.

    Pat xxxx Take care