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  • im new to this. diagnosed last week with satge 3 ovarian cancer at 28yrs...just wondered what CA levels are and what they mean and where ican find them on my reports as my constulant hs never mentioned this!! iknow there found i ur blood....bu i ahve a blood disorder (von whilebrands disese+am now concered) thanks.x

  • Hey Sam, 

    I'm so sorry that you have had to join these forums! sending you all my well wishes.


    CA125 levels can be raised in your blood when certain types of ovarian cancer is present. There are a few differet types of 'tumor markers' that can be present in blood and they are usually checked throughout treatment or after surgery etc. You should ask your consultant for more info on them, sure they'd be happy to discuss them with you and you will know then that any info you get is accurate!


    How are you feeling? if you ever need to chat or ask any questions then feel free to message me. I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer earlier this year at 25 xx

  • how have u been coping? have u had surgery+started chemo? how ru finding it (sorry 4 all the questions) im worried as iv never heard this term mentioned+i have a blood disorder-which will cause problems b4 i even have surgery which is booked in for aweek on mon (15th) not started treatment yet either, so maybe thats why iv never heard of it. im doing ok-ish..im a mum so i av 2b in "mummy mode" all the time. which is hard, wen i keep bursting in2 tears or fits of rage. it hasnt sank in properly yet+iam struggling 2 deal with things at the min..had a bad day yesterday, doin ok 2day (touch wood) xxxxx

  • CA stands for cancer  antigen and its a protein that  gets made by the cancer cells but other conditions can also produce it so on its own its not a reliable indicator. Have they told you what grade your cancer is? This tells them how different your cancer cells are from normal cels. High grade cells are very different from normal cells and they grow faster and are invasive. Low grade cells look more like nomal cells but they faster than normal cells but not as fast as the high grade ones. If you have a low grade cancer this means the cancer spreads slowly and its more common in younger women.

    I'm not surprised you haven't heard of the CA125 I'm sure not many of us had before we were diagnosed with cancer. How does your blood conditon affect you?

  • The important thing is to just let out exactly how you are feeling and talk about it! You sound like you are doing amazingly, hope you are getting all the help you need with your little ones.


    I had the operation, which I  was terrorfied about, but it was ok. The hospital was fantastic at controlling the pain and I was in for about 5 days.


    As for chemo, there are so many different types and everyone has different reactions. My consultant showed me the list of side effects and said 'These are not targets! Not everyone will get every side effect.'  


    You can find so much support out there! Never hesitate to ask your nurse as they can give you some really great resources!. 




  • iv spoke 2 my specialist nurse+shes fikled ina few blanks regarding CA125...my blood disorders called von whilebrand disese..rasre,but hireditory. ithink i dont clot properly+risk excessive bleeding during surgery...its controlled/maintained b4/during+after surgery.xx

  • I'm so sorry you're here, you are both too young.  I just told a friend in the US about the two of you, he sais, be sure to give them my good wishes, so here you are.  And mine too.  I hope treatment goes brilliantly and remission lasts for ever.

    C x

  • Hi, well Ca125 tests are used as a marker for more than ovarian cancer (I have peritoneal cancer and it's used for that)


    I would say, ask what your CA125 number is when you see your consultant, and ask too what it is after each blood test.  My initial one was 8500 ( non cancerous range is 35 and under).  So my CA125 wAas very h igh, but after 5 chemo's it's now 79 and another round of chemo to go, so it may come down into normal range.

    I always insist on knowing what my current CA125 level is, along with getting copies of letters and reports to my GP etc.  You are entitled to ask for these and believe me, they are an eye opener! 

    I would think, at present, that you are now facing an op and chemotherapy.  No doubt scared at the thought of it all.  I haven't had an op (refused) so had 5 rounds of chemo, and another one scheduled for next week if m6yn bloods are up to it. 

    Hey, it you want to know ANYTHING, just post on here, and I am here for you x   Just send a message!  Sandra