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Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance

  • Has anyone found travel insurance that is affordable for someone with Grade 1 B Cell Follicular Lymphoma Stage 4? I have completed R-CHOP and have 3 sessions of rituximab completed (another year and a half to go)? Everyone keeps asking me have I booked a holiday yet but the costs for insurance approx £300 is making it too expensive, Charlotte

  • Hi Charlotte,

    I have just got the booklet from MacMillan "Getting Travel Insurance"; and it has a list of companies who will quote for pre-existing cases, average quoted so far is £125 (I have follicular NHL, non aggressive B-cell stage IV), for a week's cruise around the Greek Islands and 2 weeks in Crete. Hope this helps.

  • I had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 2001 & I was recommended C.H. FACILITIES LTD-0870750 6711. Used this company several times & I would recommend them.

  • Hi   I have used several companies and last year found the cheapest for me as premiums jumped last April, I had managed to find basic cover which included my cancer for £25 in april it jumped to £110. I know pay £110 for an annual policy for worldwide cover including the usa.

    sadly it is a case of trawling through the options putting the info in each time, though I cannot remember but there was one site that did comparisons, thats how I found avanti and it was cheaper to go direct.

    good luck and hope you get sorted    john 

  • Hi Charlotte, Sorry I know nothing about you particular cancer, but would advise you to contact Mia Insurance broker in Basildon Essex, no doubt on the net, do not have there no to hand. My son is being treated for cancer and went to States in December. No insurers quoted under £2000! They however dis the job for around £200, stating that they insure on the basis of your condition at time of travel and not your diagnosis. He has since been to Cyprus with the same insurers and had no problems. Trying to recapture normality is so important I hope they can help you Sally

  • Hi JannieThanks for your reply. I have during this past week got a quote at around £125. But I have also been advised to leave it till nearer the time in case a problem occurs. So hopefully I will find myself in Malta for a week in June!

  • Yeah, I got that too, I guess it makes sense.  I was told by one company to re-apply 2 mths before we go, and to get a note of fitness to travel from my consultant, as it's cheaper than the insurance company contacting them for it.  Have a lovely time, it gives one something to look forward to and take your mind off, doesn't it?

  • Hi Sally, John and JeanmaryThanks for your advice. I have now got a better quote but have been advised to contact them nearer to June when I hope to be in Malta for a week. PS this is the fourth time I have typed this message as my laptop keeps freezing on me. If it's not one thing it is another! Charlotte

  • Hi JannieYes it is good to have something else to think about. Malta should have good weather at that time of the year........shouldn't it???? Charlotte

  • Haha, never mind the weather - as the saying goes "there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!!  My brother-in-law goes for Xmas every year, so it can't be that bad?!