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Curly Hair after chemo!

No. of entries: 9 | Posted on 29 Oct 2009 12:17 AM

Curly Hair after chemo!

  • I have to stay in hospital for my ive met an asked 9 people so far who have had chemo their hair grew all 9 have said CURLY!...anyone on here had chemo b4?...did yours come back curly or straight??...same colour...or different?...mines growin back long will it take to grow do ya think??..

  • Hi Kathy. My hair grew back a different colour(completely grey)  and very curly. It grew back very slowly at first typical because I wanted my hair back for my daughters wedding. I am now 10months post chemo and my curls are quite a lot looser but I just mousse it and fluff it about, its a lot easier than blow drying it everyday once you get used to it. I do think  it will eventually  go back to normal though. Just another chemo trait eh.

  • Hiya.  Finished chemo 21 April and by my holiday on 1 August it had grown back enough to cover everywhere but very short and grey ... had enough to tentatively ditch my scarves and to start off with it seemed quite straight.  By the end of August it was still short but starting to wave and by the end of September was curly.  Had my first haircut at the beginning of October, still quite short but was different lengths and was starting to fluff out all over the place so had it tidied up. Have got used to it now and don't have to do much with it just pull my fingers through it and let it dry ... would like my fringe a bit longer though :-)

  • My hair came back straight! Initially very light coloured, but now the brown it was pre-nhl (see my avatar)

    Beard & moustache would be much darker if I let them grow, but Mrs FT wouldn't allow that.

    Nice ladies seem to get a kick from stroking my hair, claiming that it will help it to grow!!!


  • Just wondered ... has anyone had hair grow back and then start thinning again?  Mine is quite thick, coarse and curly at the moment except for the temples which remain thin, fluffy and fairly straight.  Was hoping that eventually it would all even out but now the temples seem even thinner, thought I was imagining it at first with the other hair being so thick but when I looked there was a lot more scalp showing.  Anyone any ideas?

    Joanne x

  • Kathy,

    My spouse's hair grew back curly after her first 8 rounds of chemo were over. It was the same color and thickness. Unfortunately, she has recurrence and is now in her 5 round of chemo with no hair again. She has been joking that now it will grow back straight. I will let you know if she is correct. I am hoping this is her last round of chemo as it is so hard on her now (the chemos seem to get progressively stronger).

    Take care.


  • stupid as it sounds mine grew back darker with less grey

    but i soon shaved it down to my usual number 0 on the trimmers i have got....

    been  male i think its not as bad for us as it is for females [ i think ]

     my hair is still to grow back in some places

    i didnt realise that would happen.....

  • Mine's about the same as it was. My beard and 'tache were a bit darker for a while, but I'm not allowed to be anything other than clean-shaven.

    Thought I was going to have to worry about 5 o'clock shadow for a while.


  • J hates being spiked if youv not had a shave when you give her a hug maybe adam ?..

    i did once grow a bit of a beard some years ago only it grew black / white / ginger / brown...loads of colours for some reason ...