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newbie NHL

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newbie NHL

  • Hi everyone thought I would introduce myself, Ive been diagnosed a week ago with NHL (not sure which type yet) they found enlarged lymph glands in abdo when I had an MRI lumber spine for a painful back which ive had for a while and getting fed up with,as I also have rheumatoid arthritis since i was 18 (now 50) anyway I then had a CT scan followed by a lymph node biopsy. I am now going to have a pet scan and prob a bone marrow biopsy which im dreading as I believe they are painful and I now realise that although I have RA I have a low pain threshhold! Anyway thats me for the moment and just waiting for the results and treatment to begin.

    best wishes all

  • Hello,

    A lot must be going through your head. I have had NHL myself, now in remission, and as to the bone marrow biopsy is not as bad as it looks or sounds. I would try and relax, even just concentrating on your breathing, before the procedure as tension can make it painful. It normally takes a couple of weeks for the lab results to come through and show the exact sub type, it takes so long also because the staining of the biopsy is lengthy in itself. 

    Best of luck, let us know how it goes, we have been there. They can treat it but you have to be strong.



  • As far as a bone marrow biopsy, different people seem to experience them as less or more painful - some people don't find them bad at all, others really don't like them.  I don't think it's something you need to panic about.  If you're concerned about the procedure, some people find sedation makes it more tolerable (when I was offered sedation for my 3rd biopsy, I decided it wasn't sore enough to be worth the bother - but others do find it helpful).

  • thank you for your help and advice will keep you posted

  • hi and welcome to the site, you will get lots of help and advice if and when you need it. regarding the bone marrow biopsy you should have one, so that they know all the sites where you have lymphoma and then at the end of treatment they check those sites to give you the all clear. its not a bad procedure and has been said use breathing to help you deal with it.

    let us know what type of lymphoma you have and the proposed treatment.

    regards    john

  • thanks john will do, best wishes

  • I had this procedure done the last time I had Lymphoma and found that talking to the nurse helped to distract me. It only nipped for a couple of minutes and it didn't take long at all to get it done.

    Good luck though and try not to worry (easier said than done)

  • thanks sharee, all the best