Myeloma - also known as multiple myeloma or myelomatosis - is a cancer of plasma cells in the bone marrow. This group is for people affected by myeloma to share experiences and support each other.

pain and its restrictions.

No. of entries: 5 | Posted on 27 Nov 2012 1:50 PM

pain and its restrictions.

  • What you learn going through this journey is that there is always, it seems another battle to be won. After stem cell and good recovery I thought I was finished with myeloma for a while, wrong. I started to get pain in my shoulders and right arm. It became more intense and so I mentioned it on a St Barts appointment. One MRI later and then unsuccessful radio therapy . The pain is still there from lesions etc and i take Pregablin as a constant. This helps a bit but if I use my shoulders and arms to much in a day I get gnawing pain through my bones . I treat the pain but it nags through the night like a tooth ache. I get a shooting pain through my right arm every time I lift it to turn on a light, so I sit in the dark, not really just added that for devilment. When talking to the doctor she said it is quite often the case that pain comes out after treatment. See you are always learning something with this disease.So am I moaning about the pain? not really just giving it an outing. I am still driving my 2 grand daughters aged 4 and 5 to school, so life is great that way. 54 on friday and still five feet two, so i've given up saying the're growing pains.Life is good because you are all there for me .I can't see you ,I can't hear you but I can certainly feel you. Best to all. 

    p.s special hi to Little MY. a great supporter to all x

  • Hi Paul

    You're a tough guy but I'm sure this pain could reduce anyone to frustration but it sounds like you're staying anchored to the good things that make life still worth living. And like you say, even though you can't see us, there are waves of good thoughts and support heading in your direction. Stay strong!


  • Hi Barbara, thank you for your kind words and support. You are right in thinking that I am positive in my out look and enjoy life . My wife Julie and I  have great humor in our lives and we rely on this as a strength that see's us through bad times.

    How are you in your world Barbara? I am Here for chat , serious or light. Take care and  best wishes Paul.

  • My world is pretty fab, thanks Paul. I just passed my two year diagnosiversary with my thyroid cancer and all seems to be good. No signs (touch wood) of any recurrence so long may that last.

    My step-father who thought back in May when he got his Myeloma diagnosis that he wouldn't see Christmas, is also doing pretty well if you can call only getting through 2 and a bit cycles of chemo before being rushed into hospital, losing a length of bowel to diverticulitis, getting and ostomy and then going back again for a meccano 'job' on his hip 'pretty well'. The really good news is that those 2 and a bit cycles seem to have kept his MM a bay and the docs will not put him back on the chemo until the New Year. He gets 'will they - wont they' signals about stem-cell but he needs to build up his strength again and possibly he'll have to get the ostomy reversed before they'll risk doing the stem cell transplant.

    I know that all sounds a bit doom and gloom but he's actually doing much better than we expected and I think we're all fairly optimistic.


  • You sound positive Barbara and that is great. This time last year I was having stem cells taken ready for transplant. Today I am 54 and out with wife and family for a meal and drinks. Last christmas I was in St Barts for 3 weeks and very poorly. This year dinner at home and feeling well. I am a step father and like you my step children have shown great love and care for me. Wish you and your dear step dad all the best. Paul x