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lump in armpit

No. of entries: 13 | Posted on 7 Jul 2009 8:10 PM

lump in armpit

  • Hi,
    I am having another mole removed this week and I noticed a lump in my left armpit a few days ago so I am worrying yet again!! My original melanoma was on the right side of my face, and all of the information I can find on the net seems to suggest that melanoma spreads to the nearest lymph nodes first. I am just wondering if anyone has anymore information on this, does the fact that it's my left armput mean that it's unlikely to be melanoma? I just feel so paranoid at the moment, I will mention it to the doctor when I go in to have the mole removed anyway. Has this happened to anyone else, or are we just more aware of lumps and moles after melanoma?


  • a bed fellow of melanoma, I'm afraid, and no doubt every other cancer out there! I would get the lump in your arm pit checked out as quickly as possible though Caroline. Could be nothing, could just be a swollen gland for any number of innocent reasons, you might have nicked yourself shaving and have a little inflammation, and the node could be doing what it's meant to do, but it's not worth taking any risks.
  • Hi caroline, i have a significant lump under my right armpit that I had checked about 18 months ago. I was convinced that it was nasty but after a scan, biopsy, and various other test it proved to be breast tisssue growing under in my armpit. I could have it removed if it causes probs but as it doesn;t other than looking a but unsightly I have left well alone. Glad to have had it checked thought to put my mind at rest and it is something quite common although I had never heard of it before, Not all lumps turn out to be bad news so it may be worthwhile getting checked to put your mind at ease. I keep a watchful eye on mine and wont hesitate if anything changes.

    Lynn x
  • Not to put the scare into you, but check and double check..I had a soft tissue sarcoma removed and two months later my lungs were full of it. The sarcoma never touched any of my lymph nodes either. Chance nothing, if you answer is unsatisfactory, or you want a second opinion, ask about sarcomas. They are rare, hard to diagnose, and can be fatal. Bug your Doctors, that is all I can advise people.

    Good luck and lots of prayers.
  • I had a lump in my arm pit just over a year ago now. It came up over night, or popped out from behind muscle. It was the size of a large egg. Had the usual scans and bioppsy. They came back as Metastaic malignant melanoma. I had no moles or primary area. Had numerous tests to find the primary Probed and proded. Nothing found. They removed the lump 2/18 nodes infected. Went onto have a 4 week course of Interferon (rough). Told that I was in a 4-5 % group of MM suffers who never find the primary. I've had a few CT scans since and the last one was clear. So for now I'm deemed MM free. But as Marsha says " we live in a world of paranoia with MM" and I've had a few sleepless nights, suppose they come with the territory.

    Take care Caroline

    Ian xxx
  • Hi,
    thanks for all your replies.
    I have been to the doctor's and she isn't concerned about the lump, but told me to keep an eye on it. Also, she said the mole I had removed today looked better than it had done a few weeks ago so that is slightly re-assuring. I am off to Egypt on holiday in a fortnight and I have my first check up when I get back. So I am going to try to forget about it and relax as much as possible. I had some good news, my grandfather who (was told) he was sufffering from prostate cancer, had a letter yesterday telling him it wasn't actually cancer! Wish I could have a letter like that, don' get me wrong, I am luckier than a lot of others who have (or have had) melanoma but the thought of going back to a worry free life is very appealing!

    Thanks again,

  • My turn to fret... for the last couple of weeks my scar area from the groin dissection has been feeling "different", hard to describe in what way, just occassional niggly sharp sensations and feeling heavy. This morning I am sure I can feel another lump, I know it's possibly just scar tissue, but this is a f*cking big scar, so I have a big area to compare the feeling of "the lump" to! Hope it's just paranoia on my part, but seeing my onc on Wednesday and it can't come quick enough!
  • Hang in girl, I put all my faith and worries in the hands of the oncologists and try to let them 'take the strain a bit'.
    Not that I dont worry,we all do, but chill a bit. Stress and worry damages the body so take it easy.
    Love Bill xxx
  • Good luck on Wednesday Marsha, lets hope it is just scar tissue.
    Let us know how you get on,

    Caroline x
  • thinking of you Marsha.

    Ian XXXX
  • Hi Marsha,

    You are such a lifeline to so many people here, we are all hoping this is just a false alarm. We pretend it has gone away but it is always there at the back of our minds. Normally we wouldn't give aches & pains of aging a second thought but I guess we are now acutely aware of our bodies and sensitive to any change however slight.
    I'll drink a sherry for you tonight, light a candle & say a prayer. Hopefully you will have good news for us Wed. night.
    God bless and on 2nd thoughts I think you should have a sherry as well.
  • Trying to chill a bit. Just returned from seeing the dermatologist with my daughter, she had a couple of moles on her back that I didn't like the look of, GP was good enough to get us a quick referral and I'm really happy to say that the derm. considered them to be totally benign, so the stress factor has dropped back a few notches!

    Sherry's not my tipple, Tobbias, but I have been known to partake of the odd glass of wine, purely for health purposes, you understand ;) may have one later!

    I'll let you know how it goes!

  • Good news on your daughter Marsha. It's good they fast tracked her. They did the same with my 2. Even though they had nothing to show, GP just wanted them checked and aware of MM.

    Now you can concentrate on you. And lets hope all is ok and you can open and finish a full bottle of wine to yourself. If I lived nearer to you I'd join Compare scars.

    As they have all said my armpit tingles every now and then and feels quite hard. Oncol told me it's the scar tissue and nerves doing their stuff, and in time will soften.

    Any way you now I'm no good at words
    so good luck

    love Ian xxx