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Mole roots?

No. of entries: 5 | Posted on 15 Mar 2009 4:58 AM

Mole roots?

  • Hi, I've been scouring the internet for some information and came across this forum.

    About 2 months ago I had a mole removed from my lower leg and after analysis was diagnosed with melanoma. The mole was 0.9mm thick and I think 8mm by 6mm.

    A secondary excision was made and an area of healthy surrounding tissue removed and analysed. The results came back clear.

    The tissue has been healing over the last month and is now a smooth red line apart from the middle of the scar, here it looks to me like roots from the mole.

    I'm wondering if the roots were still there, grown back, what this means? I'll let my doc see but as it's the weekend I can only worry till Monday :S
  • Hi Elpig,

    Moles don't have roots, unlike warts. Usually when a mole is removed, an eliptical shaped incision is made around it, therefore the central area, where the mole was is wider than the outer edges, so whilst your scar should be a fine line at the outer edges there is bound to be some distortion in the middle.

    I wouldn't hesitate to go back the your doctor though, just to put your mind at rest.
  • Hello i had the same as you about 4 yrs ago and its all ok, touch wood. I get checked every few months and have had good few more moles removed all ok but i panic and make them remove. But i do remember the middle of my scar was different looking than the rest it was darker but it was the last spot to heel. so i'm so sure your ok!!! but i do understand the worry i am forever saying was that mole there, has it got bigger i drive myself mad. But hospital did a body map of my moles so i can compare now.
  • Thanks Marsha & Lisa for your reply, it really helps talking to people that have knowledge on the subject. The middle of the scar did take longer to heal and you can just see the circle in the middle where the mole was. The area in the middle I mentioned in my last post honestly looks like a piece of balled up white string sticking out my leg. There are no dark areas any more, just this white string like thing :S I'll let you know the outcome once I've seen the docs. L :) x
  • Hi again, yeah seanty, that's exactly what it was. I had two layers of stitches for extra stability, the top layer had been removed and the underneath layer would dissolve over time. One of the dissolvable stitches had made it's way up to the surface. Now that's been removed the scar tissue can get on with healing. Panic over :)