Melanoma is a type of cancer that usually starts in the skin. This group is a place for people affected by melanoma to get together, ask questions, share experiences and support each other.

Hi all

No. of entries: 7 | Posted on 3 Oct 2012 5:20 PM

Hi all

  • Just wanted to say hi - got the news yesterday that I have Malignant Melanoma but caught early thank goodness, going for skin excision on Tuesday, I think that's what you call it?

    I feel quite positive - unless its 5.00 am and then the fear sets in, but I guess that's perfectly normal.


    Thanks for being here



  • Hi Sue,

    WLE... wide local excision.  Don't worry you soon get jiggy with the lingo, and learn terms that none of us wish we ever had to!  I hope the surgery goes well for you.

    Marsha x

    PS If you're on facebook, come and join our group, it's called Melanomamates UK, and it's a closed group, so regular friends and family can't see what you post there.

  • Thanks for the welcome Marsha - am a bit flaky at the moment but I guess that goes with the territory!

    See you on Facebook!



  • Hi there Sue. I had my diagnosis yesterday too. It looks like the outlook for us is good. I'm on the list for a wle now.

    I know I'm going to have my moments when I feel scared, I know that's normal.  I saw a lovely Macmillan nurse yesterday so I know as well that I'm going to get looked after.

    I had breast cancer when I was 28. That was over 25 years ago. One thing I wish I'd done differently is pull in more support from everyone: friends, family, neighbours - everyone really. I think these forums are great. I'm not so good with computers but I am on facebook!

    Glad you are generally feeling positive. It worked for me all those years ago!

    with very Best Wishes 

    Sue xx

  • Are you coming to join us on facebook too, Mrs Magoo?

  • Good to meet you Sue, had my mole removed about 4 weeks ago and returned for follow up yesterday to find out it was Malignant, still in shock I think though the info was delivered so sensitively.

    I wasn't going to tell anyone other than family yesterday but today I've spread the word as I know that I fare better when I   have friends around me.  I'm a member of a text prayer group in our local church so it's gone out in that way too.  Then I found this forum - brilliant !

    I think you're better at computers than you think you are - well done you!

    I do hope you're excision goes well, do you know when you're booked in yet ?   I got a phone call a little while ago for a pre-op check tomorrow and surgery next Tuesday.


    Take care and best wishes

    Sue W


  • Good luck tomorrow. I've not got a date yet.

    It does feel better when you share the news - even though its hard sometimes. I've just been on the phone to my sister.

    Sleep tight xx