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my mum

No. of entries: 3 | Posted on 22 Nov 2013 10:02 PM

my mum

  • my mum was addmited to hospital 6 weeks ago after becoming very confused.they did a brain scan and told us they couldnt find anything.due to her breathlessness they did a chest xray and found a shadow ,they then did a was lung the last three weeks she has had many more test.the consultants met with the family last week to tell us that mums cancer is untreatable.but they cant tell us how long she has left.this has come as a complete shock to us.
  • I am so sorry to hear about your mum.I have lung cancer that is incurable but not untreatable.How does your mum seem to you? I am on different ground here so just suggesting.If she doesn't seem so bad maybe ask for a second opinion.Where there is life there is one of our mantras here.My thoughts are with you x

  • thanks,mums very confused but she,s been like this for some seems the cancer is in the lower left lung,glands around the lung and they said something about the chest the moment she is in no pain,the doc has said that as they cannot cure her they dont want to give chemo etc as it will greatly affect the quality of the time she has left.