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Travel to USA without insurance

No. of entries: 5 | Posted on 25 Aug 2013 9:24 PM

Travel to USA without insurance

  • I am flying to Chicago in 2 weeks time for a 3 week holiday with family, my beloved wife is coming with me and her ( our ) best friend. Nothing so unusual except that I have no insurance for the Cancer. I am on month 8 of Erlotinib ( Tarceva ) and my Oncologist says I am not in any imminent danger and has no objection to me going. I am T2A N3 M0 with spread to my neck nodes. I think I read on here about a year ago that someone in a similar position to me had travelled several times to the USA without insurance and that they had found out that American hospitals have a duty of care to get a person fit enough to return home if anything goes wrong. I would be interested to hear from that person or anyone else who has done a similar thing. I was offered cover if I want to pay a minimum of £2000 for the 3 weeks so I have just got the normal cover excluding the cancer.

  • Dave,

    I've seen a few postings and have you tried Eurotunnel? I think they charge, relatively speaking, sweet Fanny Adams and cover is not just for Europe and the train. Try entering Eurotunnel or Euro tunnel in the "search this site" box in the top right hand corner.

    I hope my memory isn't playing tricks on me!


  • Hi Dave. I got my hubby's travel insurance with euro tunnel. Worldwide including America for the year cost £78. We're off to Florida in October. Couldn't believe. The cost. Checked with various others and this is definitely the best and excellent cover levels too. Give them a ring. Jo xxx
  • Many thanks Jomull and Tim, just got covered by Eurotunnel. I really could not believe that they will cover us for so little when anyone else who will cover would charge at least £2000. Good luck to you both on your travels. By the way Tim, I have gained greatly from your postings on here since you lost Laing.

    Best regards

  • First, I'm glad along with with Jomull to have been of some help here.

    Second, enjoy yourself on holiday. 

    Third, I'm glad I have been of some help to you with your encounter with this disease. It's nice to get feedback!