Lung Cancer which has spread to Liver

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Lung Cancer which has spread to Liver

No. of entries: 15 | Posted on 05 Jun 2011 02:40
  • Hi this is my first time posting as I have just joined.

    I found out last Tuesday my Dad has Lung Cancer which apparently has spread to his liver.  He is now awaiting a biopsy.

    Im close to my dad and he dotes on my two young sons.  Hes been married to my mum for 42 years.  Im scared of what the results are going to be.  Surely if it has spread to the liver its not good as I have read this indicates its Stage 4?

    Anyone who has any similar experience it would be great to read a comment from you.  I suppose at the moment im just thinking the worst :(

  • Hi

    I am in the same position, in fact I have cancer in the gallbladder mainly (apparently very rare) and now has gone into the liver.  If it is possible, they will try to cut out the cancer in your dad's liver.  I personally have not gone that route even though they could take out my gallbladder and cut away part of the liver.   It is the best option, but my lung function is not great and it is too risky for me. 

    However, bizarrely, my lung tumour has been stable for a year and remains so.  I am seeing my Onc at Christies on Weds as I shall be going down the chemo route.  Im hoping to go onto Tarceva and Gemcitabine which has had some good results for metatastic gallbladder.  There is some question as to whether it is mets from the lung or a new primary but the treatment is almost identical if surgery is not an option.

    Hope your dad gets the best advice.  All is not lost as yet, I am 21 months from diagnosis and still battling on.

    heywood x


  • hi,

    my mum was diagnosed lung cancer in november 2010. also this had spread to her liver and lymph glands.the cancer my mum had was small cell lung cancer.within two weeks of finding out this awful news mum started chemotherapy.this treatment finished in march this year.with small cell cancer they know it spreads to the mum was due to start radiotherapy,we had been at the hospital on the 27th of april 2011 for a mum was doing well,she was due to start radiotherapy on 17th may 2011.over the weekend from april to may mum complained her legs ached this continued for a few days,had the dr.out said it was a chest infection.gave mum some antibiotics,i mentioned her cancer and that i noticed her speech was slower and would it be anything to do with the cancer spreading to her brain.i was told a definite no.mums walking and speech became slower and we went to hospital on the 3rd of may.the doctors

    could see a massive change in mums condition and we went for a brain scan.sadly the cancer had spresd to several areas in mums brain and the symptoms she had was due to this.this had all happend in one week.mum had done so well put back on the weight she lost,coped so well with the chemotherapy.she never once felt sorry for so proud of her.just cant believe how cruel this cancer is.we came home on the 3rd may with just steroids to improve mums symptoms and was told to go back to the hospital on the 17th may.

    the steroids didnt do mum passed away on the 14th of so angry the hospital said it wasnt the end.

    keep strong.ask questions,read the info they give you.

    this will be a difficult time for you.

    my thoughts are with you and your family



  • Hi and thanks for your reply.  You must be devastated about your mum especially as she seemed to be doing well and put some of her weight back on.  She sounds like she was a very brave woman and you have every right to be proud of her.  Im very sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you xx

  • Hi Heywood

    Thanks for replying to my thread.  I cant imagine how hard it must be to deal with having cancer but you seem to have a great attitude and im sure with your bravery it will help your battle.  The very best of luck xx

  • hi pink - my dad had the same and i just wanted to share my story with u hope u dont mind but i have been where u r now lots of luv aqnd hugs (i know u need em)

    my name is kelly i am 24, unfortunatley my dad was diagnosed with cancer in november 2010, he was diangosed with lunc cancer and liver mets, he was given chemo, he was said to habe 6 sessions. his first to went brilliantly, he had a scan and tumours were shrinking!!! just what we wanted to hear.

    We then came to the 3rd chemo - he was unwell very tired, went to chemo only to b4e turned down as his bloods were incorrect, they told us to go back in a weeks time, we did so and they gave him the chemo, he was so happy.

    Normall after 5 days dad used to pick up after chemo, we had booked to go out for his birthday the 7th of feb 2011, unfortuantely he did not pick up and we had to cancel. After this his breathing got worse over night - very fast! Mum was back at work and i was looking after dad, i was so scared! but i did it becuz i love him and he needed me. his breathing difficuty went on for a while and in the end we got in touch with community nurses and they recommended the doctor to come out and reassess him! He did do and sent him for chest xray thinking he had chest infection this came back clear!!!! WE werre more puzzled than ever!!!!

    We contacxted our mac nurse and she said she would like to take dfad to hospice3 for symptom control as this breathing thing was really gettin him down- they got a bed for him very quickly and he went in the hospice on the 28th of march 2011.

    He was ment to recieve his 5th lot of chemo while in the hospice but they sed he was too poorly for it - this upset my dad as he hated his chemo been posponed. He was then booked an appointment to see his onk on the wednesday, but we were told on the tuesday morning that dad was too poorly and the journey could decrease the amount of time he had left! ALARM BELLS RANG! Doctor then asked if we had any questions and mum asked how long she had my dad for - doctor then turned around to us and sed he has weeks!!!!!

    that was tuesady the 5th of april!!!! Friday morning came and the phone rang it was my mum - my dad had been took ill through the night and we needed to get there fast!!! so we did!!! he was ill i knew he was i could tell.

    Friday was a very very long day but my dad hung on until 4am saturday the 9th of april and he passed away peacefully,

    i miss him very much and would give anything to have my lovely dad back.

    My dad is my hero and always will be he died knowing we were proud of him and the way he faught his illness until the last minute!!!


  • Hi Kelly

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.  Im really sorry to hear about your dad.  It must have been hard to see the Chemo work then for your dad to go downhill and pass away in a few days after they said he had weeks.

    My dad has his biopsy tomorrow so im hoping we will get to hear more next week.  It sounds as if you were very close to your dad as I am to mine.  My dad said to me yesterday that whatever happens he will always be my dad and the same applies to you and nothing can ever change that.  I really hope things get a little easier for you soon xxxxx

  • Hi Pink,

    Sorry you are having to deal with this.  It is a huge shock as I know as my dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer with secondary in his liver in Jan'11.  He is 73 yrs old. I thought reading a lot of info that he would be luck to live for a couple of months as I knew he was at stage 4 and that things could change quickly.

    anyway dad has had the full 6 treatments of chemo and had virtually no side effects.  He was a bit tired and had a sore throat and lost his hair but no nausea or other side effects so he has carried on with life pretty much as normal.  His tumours have redued in size by about 80% which the doctors said was really positive.

    He had a lovely birthday meal in April and on 21st May my son (his oldest grandson) got married and dad really enjoyed the day.

    He has now been offered radiotherapy to the brain to stop anything spreading there as it seems he is ok at the moment so he is to have a 5 day treatment very soon I'm hoping he has it and it doesn't give him any bad side effects.

    Then it is just a matter of getting on with life as we have no idea what is going to happen when so every day is to live and make the most of.  If the tumors in his lung and liver grow again within the next few months they wil not give him any further treatment but if they do not grow or grow slowly he may be given more chemo further down the line.

    all in all I think there are people who have been lucky to have time like me and sadly others who haven't had such positive results so try and stay positive and I hope your dad's treatment is as 'ok' as my dad's has been.

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