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cough good?

No. of entries: 2 | Posted on 28 Jun 2013 8:38 PM

cough good?

  • HI all

    My mum has secondary lung cancer. 2/3 tumours. finding it hard to speak and coughing a lot, however the cough has gotten a lot better over last 2 wks. cold foods make her cough more. My question is; the cough is productive, is that a good thing? Should we be trying to get all the flem u? Physio? Certain types of food? We are in Abu Dhabi and finding it hard to get answer even though she is in hospital at moment. No palliative care here and so hoping to build mum up a bit and get her on a plane back to uk. Any advise welcomed xxx

  • OK panicking a bit now! just read a reply to a post I did a few days ago about getting my mum over to uk.  The reply suggested we shouldn't fly. That is would be too damaging for mum to do so.

    There is no morphine pain relief out here and with mets on the spine i gather it will be needed. I can't bear the thought of my mum being stuck out here with no pain relief or quality of life.