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Walk about

No. of entries: 9 | Posted on 28 Mar 2013 10:09 PM

Walk about

  • Well we now know that the beast did go walkabout before they were able to remove my lung, and yes it found its way to my brain after two years. It probably took that long finding my brain anyway. I suppose I should be bringing this up within the brain cancer group but over the past months reading the helpful and positive chats sent in by the lung crew I am reluctant to do that. I was a little too sure when I thought it was all over and that I was clear of the beast. The best bit is the people looking out for me have been the tops and this tumour was picked up very quickly, in fact I am booked into Southampton on 8th April to have it removed. If anyone out there has a similarly experience some info on post op things would be most welcome. We just have to keep on fighting. Hirtabill
  • Keep fighting Hirtabill I'm saying a prayer for you right now and I will be saying another onApril 8th. Have a good Easter.
  • Thank you al rose. See what I mean about the lung crew and my reluctance to go elsewhere. Hirtabill
  • Hi hirtabil My lung cancer took a trip to my brain too . I only found out because I started having epileptic fits , they found one in my frontal lobe and one in my pituitary . They took both out at the same time . I start radiotherapy on 11 April . Went really well but they gave me too many steroids to stop the swelling sent me bonkers. But now reduced to 1 mg a day from 16mg. I haven't had a fit since. I lost the use of my arm and hand too. About 2 hours after the op my feeling came back. I have numbness in my little finger to my index finger I can use them but can't feel so I keep dropping things.Which is a small price to pay . It feels weird stroking the cat I can only feel bits. Anyhow I went into hospital on the Thursday evening had the op on the Friday morn . They were going to send me home on the Tuesday but after a scan noticed a bleed and swelling so they kept me in until the Friday so was in a week.i was up and about after the op and felt really good and still do.just waiting now for my 10 sessions of RT to start. The wounds were stapled didn't feel a thing when they were taken out 2 weeks later scars feint don't notice them with hair growing back although I will lose it during RT. Overall I am very very pleased. Hope this is helpful
  • Thanks Stuey, I always believe forewarned is forearmed, I was told that there is little likelyhood of RT follow up, but steroids were mentioned. Still as you say small price to pay to still be able to stroke the cat, or in my case my daughter's dogs. Best of luck with the RT. You are a great bunch Hirtabill
  • Hi Hirtabill,

    You've had a bit of a setback but I've heard nothing but good about Southampton so I know you'll be in safe hands, and with your excellent attitude I foresee complete success. Like Al, I'll be saying a little prayer, not that I'm at all religious but I do believe in sending out "positive vibes"! Don't tell anyone, but i'm having little pains under the site of my scar, but I'm hoping that's just old age!

    You've been a star too Bill, helping out when others have been afraid, and you can be sure of loads of support here yourself.

    With love & hugs,

    Twirly xxx

  • Hi all, having just been diagnosed I am scared but reading all your stories is very comforting, bless ya all x

  • Hi Angim,

    Sorry about your diagnosis but welcome, you're in the best place! Why not start a new discussion yourself? Then you can tell us a bit about yourself, what treatment you're going to have etc., and we can answer any questions you may have and generally offer you support.

    We're all scared silly when we first find out about "the beast" as Bill calls it, but once you're among people who understand exactly where you're coming from, the burden does somehow seem a lot lighter.

    With love & hugs,

    Twirly xxx

  • Twirly,

             You must be the rock of this group. I of course like you will just keep fighting the beast. Between you and I, I have some discomfort around the area of my lung scars, even after 2 years it mostly centers around the area where the cameras were put in also where they needed to put in a drain. the main scar is just tight. If it persists one should have a second opinion. You especially.


    once again many thanks and I will keep the group informed on progress.