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  • Hi I had a ct scan a year ago and it showed a nodule. The consultant said not to worry I would be ok. I told him I was worried because both my parents died with lung cancer and I already have copd and asthma. He put me in touch with a research group for people more at risk of developing lung cancer. The research nurse arranged a bronchoscopy last September and the results showed cell changes. She told me not to worry and that they would do a bronchoscopy every six months to keep an eye on things. In November I started with a chest infection and for the last few months I have had several courses of antibiotics and steroids, also I have had a lot of chest pain and pain in my upper back. On feb 19th I had an appointment at the chest clinic where I saw a specialist nurse. She sent me for a chest x Ray and it came back showing something suspicious. The nurse arranged a ct scan for two days later and a bronchoscopy 4 days later. The ct scan showed spots on my lymph glands and I had to have two bronchoscopys, one up my nose and one down my throat with an ultra sound. I keep asking if it's cancer and I cannot get a straight answer, I am terrified and I keep having panic attacks. There is a case conference today and they said the doctor will phone me after it. I am sorry for rambling on but I am at my wits end. Thanks for listening.
  • Hi there Patricia, you dont need to apologise for what you describe as rambling! This is a very real situation and you have every right to wobble. If i was in your situation i too would be concerned. These medical professionals seem to somehow forget that the patient is sat there worrying which is no good for any1s mental health. Im not the patient but my father-in-law with colon cancer with spread to liver and lung! I cannot understand why they make people wait. Its not funny. All i can say is that you should keep a diary of everything that everyone says to you. Ive found this helps as you go through this journey. Take care. x

  • Hi 3.16 thankyou for your reply, the diary tip is helpful. X
  • Hi Patricia You seem convinced that you have cancer and will not rest until one of these specialists tells you that you have. RELAX! You are on the case, so if it pops up in the future (heaven forbid) you should catch it early. Take comfort that they have said its NOT cancer and enjoy yourself. I think the popular saying at the moment "stay calm and carry on" applies here. Good luck!
  • Hi Arose. Thank you for your reply but I think you may have misunderstood why I am so scared. They have not told me that it's not cancer, they are doing all the tests because they are investigating the possibility that it is cancer.
  • Hi Patricia, Two things came to mind immediately when I read your post - and forgive me if I repeat some of what the other replies contained. First off, you feel as scared as you wish - but not too much!! You have clearly been through the mill and the average man/woman on the Clapham omnibus does not have all these investigations unless there's a very good reason. So, your fear is totally natural. However, the second thing which came to mind was that you appear to be in really good hands. I have been reading messages posted on this site for some time now and many are quite distressing. People who pitch up at their GP with unidentified pain and within weeks they are gone. People who seem to have to fight the system to have their voice heard and to obtain just a fraction of the investigations which you have already had. You appear to be in a fairly unique position in that you are being managed / monitored at such an early stage - if it should turn out that you do have cancer. (I sincerely hope you get the all clear today!!) Advanced lung cancer is extremely difficult to treat and manage - and rarely cure - but caught early and the picture is completely different. Finally, spare a thought for the clinicians. Before a confirmed diagnosis they really are caught between a rock and a hard place. I had a similar experience to you, fact I expect we all have. I guess they have a good idea what they are dealing with but until they can be 100% sure they may not dare mention the 'C' word. Once again I truely hope that you have good news today. If not then you really do seem to be under the care of a 1st class team and with their care and your deternimation I have no doubt that you can 'kick the butt' of anything that comes your way!!

  • Hi Kenan Thankyou for your reply. I didn't hear from the doctors or specialist nurse. Today I had a phone call from an oncologists secretary to give me an appointment for Wednesday. I phoned my consultants secretary and the doctor phoned me back and informed me that I have aggressive lung cancer. He apologized for the way I found out. I am devastated and I think I am in shock and can't even think about it. Thanks for your support. Pat