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New and confused

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New and confused

  • Hello all I'm hoping someone can help me.......since August I have been having really bad back and left side pain.....I had a scan and they have told me that an 18mm poorly defined 18mm lesion mass was found in the upper pole of my left kidney.....2 days ago I had a ct scan and now just have to wait for the results of that. I was advised by the doctor at the hospital that he will see me after he has had a meeting with the mdt team to discuss my results. Can someone please tell me what poorly defined means.......after reading things on the net I am so worried and can't sleep......I don't know where to turn right now Thank you Lou
  • Hello Lou what a stressful time you are going through.It is perhaps wise to stay away from google for now as there is so much stuff out there and often we look at the worse case senario and much of it can scare and confuse you.Stick to sites like here and cancer research site for now.Of course if later on when you get a firm diagnosis then it can be helpful to do some understanding is that poorly defind means that they cannot be sure from the scan if the lesion is benign or malignant.Consultants often when reviewing your scan seem to have a fair idea of what they are looking at and will decide with the MDT what they believe will be the best course of action.It is always stressful and many will say the hardest thing of all is the waiting for results and to know what's going to happen.Im sure that when you have a treatment plan in place and things start to move along it will help.You can always call the Macmillan support line to talk things through with someone if you feel it might help.I hope all goes well for you please let us know how you go on Cruton x
  • Hi Cruton Thank you so much for your quick reply......and your right, the waiting is so stressful and hard to deal with....I just feel completely helpless.....the only person that I have told is my sister as I didn't want to burden my family with dad was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer and my mum is a bag of nerves with it I thought it was for the best to keep this to myself......for now at least. Thanks for your kindness, it's very much appreciated.....and hopefully I will come back with good news.....fingers crossed. Lou x
  • Hi Lou,  I very much agree with Crutons advice and would simply like to say that I'm thinking of you at this stressful time. I hope your appointment comes through quickly and try to stay positive and focused in the meantime. Please let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Rabbit 18 Thank's so refreshing speaking to others that understand.....I to hope that the appointment comes through pretty soon so that I can just move forward.....I'm stuck in limbo a the moment.....but really glad I joined this site and read what others are going's of some comfort to know that my feelings are no different to anyone's else's going through the same sort of thing.....I'll keep you posted xx
  • Hello Lou I was diagnosed with a 9cm tumour in January after a visit to the docs having had blood in my urine!!! I was gobsmacked to discover that I had this mass. Initially I had a cyctosocpy within 6 days of my GP appointment,that was pretty scary, but at least they were acting fast, then 2 weeks later I had a CT scan of my kidneys with contrast, 6 days later I was sat in the consultants office being told that I had this mass and that It was more than likely cancer!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I thought my life was over, I was fast approaching 50 and had party booked, a big holiday planned including getting married in Vegas. Well, I thought I was going to have to bring my party and wedding forward and cancel the holiday. I went into hospital on the 20th February and had my right kidney removed, 5 days later I came home. 6 weeks later I went back to this is the ironic thing, my job..........I am a qualified social worker and am a 'kidney patient advisor' on the renal unit at our local kidney and transplant unit.... Well how about that for taking your work home with you!!!!!! Needless to say, I am still here, birthday was fab, party was amazing and the holiday........and Vegas wedding 5 weeks ago was out of this world. I hope and pray to god for you that you get the positive news that you hope for, but if it's a wee bit dodgy then don't give up, keep positive and keep your chin up, it needn't be the end of the world. I continue to be monitored closely as my tumour was a grade 4 and aggressive, but so far so good and my consultant is very positive about my future, and as time goes on, so am I. It's tough hunny, especially having to go through all the stuff with your dad, I do sympathise, my 27 yr old son has a brain tumour, diagnosed 3 yrs ago, prognosis 6 to 8 yrs........we just keep smiling and embrace very day that we share. There is so much to be said for positive thinking. Keep strong and never give up. Take care Linda Sent from my iPad On 21 Oct 2013, at 19:02, "kidney cancer - Discussion Forum" wrote: Re: New and confused Replied to by rabbit18 Hi Lou, I very much agree with Crutons advice and would simply like to say that I'm thinking of you at this stressful time. I hope your appointment comes through quickly and try to stay positive and focused in the meantime. Please let us know how you get on. You have received this email notification as you are a member of the kidney cancer group. To stop receiving email updates from the kidney cancer group, log in to the site and click on 'My Account' at the top of any page. Then click on the emails tab. You can then see all the groups that you are subscribed to email notifications for, and can unsubscribe from each group individually.
  • Hi Lou,

    Hope you are well. My mum has recently gone through something similar which I posted about here:

    All I can say is keep your head up and have faith that it will all work out. I think doing research is sometimes worrying because you come up with  lots of different scenarios but it is good to have questions for the doctors so they can remove any doubt from your mind.

    It was really helpful for my mum and I to read a lot about cysts and what doctors work within these areas so we were well aware of what they were talking about. One thing I would say is you have to push for answers sometimes so you are at peace about what is happening in your body. It is understandably a scary time.

    What hospital did you visit? My mum was at Northwick Park and Central Middlesex.

    just remember you may be having pain because of the location of the cyst but it may not be serious. a lot of people have cysts which cause pain but are benign.

    I hope the mass is not serious and please do update us on how you are getting on.

    best wishes,




  • Hi Lindy Thank's people like you that should tell people like me to get a grip......I cried reading your makes me want to shake myself and snap myself out of how I am have been to hell and back.....and your still going through on earth do you manage to keep going......I think people like you are amazing.......I'm glad that you had a lovely birthday and congrats on your lovely getting married in Vegas.......I wish you well....and much happiness. I like you had blood in my urine....I also have uncontrolled hypertension and intracranial hypertension, have had now for the pass 4 years, and in June of this year I had renal denervation done......that went well and blood pressure came down to normal levels....but this only lasted a about 6's gone to pot again since I have been having pain I my back and side......I also had a cyctosocopy...where they found some frank blood....all was well in the bladder......a ct was arranged and I had that on Saturday just now it's just the waiting.....which is I think of nothing else........thank you for sharing your story with as certainly made me take a look at myself and I feel much better so thank you. Lou xx
  • Hi M Thank you for your message.......I hope your mum is doing well......I will read your link now.......I went to Southmead hospital in Bristol......I will keep you up dated with my results.....I'm trying to stay positive.....but as I'm sure that you are aware it's hard.....but speaking to people here who have been through terrible times have made me rethink things and I will do my best not to let this get me down until I get my results. Lou xxx