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salt cravings!!

No. of entries: 3 | Posted on 20 Nov 2012 5:52 AM

salt cravings!!

  • Hi, Clinton had kidney removed 2 weeks ago today, after a few complications now on the mend, but his appetite has gone through the roof ( good thing) lost a stone in weight when he did not have that much to spare in the first place, we are still trying to eating healthy but doctors did say better to just eat whatever fancy and get a healthy weight back, starts trials in 6 weeks, my concern is he is craving salty things, i.e crisps, nuts but to the extreme, and says he feels that is what he needs, has anyone else experienced this, is it possible his adrenal gland has been damaged or maybe its just his remaining kidney balancing itself out, great believer in listening to your bodies need but where do you draw the line.

  • Hi good to hear your husband is recovering well and has his appetite back.From what I know I can only tell you what I was told and that was to avoid salt and sugar as not good for remaining kidney.Also to eat healthy drink plenty of water but not to obsess over it.Limit coffee and tea.Its about taking care of remaining kidney I used to love lots of salt on my food but have given it up and I sure do miss it so maybe while he's recovering and building himself up he should enjoy what he eats but would for now advise moderation.Cruton x
  • Hi thanks for your reply, we do eat healthy, however he had 5 days of no food so think he is making up for it lol, think we will carry on as we are for a little while then get him back onto normal eating regime, I did some reading up on it and said that if you have left kidney removed it can affect the adrenal gland function as that goes straight into kidney on left side where as it doesn't on the right, do you know of any healthy foods !!! That contain salt naturally, we were given no advice on diet so just gleaning what we can as we go along thanks again