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going back to work after chemo

No. of entries: 6 | Posted on 19 Jun 2012 7:26 PM

going back to work after chemo

  • Hi all,

    I'm currently 7 months into my 8 month course of ABVD. I won't finish chemo until end of July and my PET scan will be mid September but I was just wondering how long people have allowed themselves to recover before going back to work after receiving the all clear? I am a primary school teacher which is pretty full on and don't want to go back before I am ready! If anyone can give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated and particularly if there are any primary school teachers out there who have been through this I would love to hear from you!

    Thanks all


  • Hi Nat,

    First of all well done on getting through your chemo, your around the same stage as me, looking forward to the end of treatment date! I asked my consultant about going back to work and he said not to rush back, he advised giving yourself at least one month after finishing treatment, more if you feel you need it and then to go back as a phased return. With your job being so full on I would say to maybe wait till after your scan and see how you feel.

    Hope this helps!

    Liz xx

  • Hi Liz,


    Thank you very much for getting in touch with me! Glad to hear that your treatment is nearly over too - when do you finish? Can't wait til the end! Already making plans for day trips out in August and maybe a mini break too :)

    I will ask my consultant what he thinks about going back to work but as he originally told me before I started treatment that I would be able to continue working whilst having chemo (no chance!!!) I don't hold my breath for a reliable answer! Somebody I know who worked in a nursery went back to phased return 3 months after finishing treatment and still found that pretty tough so I was wondering how everybody else felt out there. Will def be taking a phased return back to work!



  • Hi Natalie, I think the main cause for concern is your job, to be honest! Teaching, especially in primary education, leaves you open to infection, which would make early return to work not an option. Our daughter actually worked much of the time she was on ABVD, but it was every other week, when feeling at her best, but then she is self employed and therefore able to choose what work she did, but it was at a fairly early point in her career after all, so the pressure was on! My suggestion is, be guided by how you feel, the risk of infection and your gut feeling! Best wishes x
  • Hi there Nat!

    So sorry for the long overdue reply, have been meaning to get back on here for some time now! Hope you are well? Have you had the all clear yet? I am having my scans this week and results next week, can't wait to celebrate!!! :-)

    I am still off work, the plan is to return via a phased return mid Sept time (had my last chemo on July 20th, feels ages ago already!). So I'm hoping that is still possible, have been feeling good and getting out and about so I'm sure that I should be ok. How about you?

    Hope you have a nice holiday planned, Im off to Spain for a few days early Sept, looking forward to that!

    Take care,

    Liz xx









  • I am a middle school teacher - yrs 5 - 8 - and have just had the 2nd of my first cycle (so had 2 sessions, 10 to go).  I had been worrying about going in to work but now I understand that I just won't be up to it.  I feel so unwell most of the time, sadly.  What my oncologist did say this week was to remember that at present my body is fighting lymphoma as well as the effects of chemo - so I need to be kind to myself.

    Anyway, I should finish mid January 2013 so had thought I'd be back at work beg February but having chatted to lots of people, including a GP relative, t sounds like it might even take 6 months to be fighting fit again.

     I think the main thing is to listen to your body - you don't want to spoil all that lovely treatment by rushing in too soon!  I am also thinking about investigating early retirement as I am 54.