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Excellent news to share

No. of entries: 12 | Posted on 03 Jul 2013 01:30
  • Tried to post this via "update status" won't seem to let me.

    I have just been given the ALL CLEAR - and discharged from Mrs NHS back into the waiting arms of Mr Private for the next 5 years.

    This is the very very best possible news - so it has to be onwards and upwards. Feet up watching Djokovich at Wimbledon.


  • Hello Jayne .... and well done on getting the All Clear ! So definitely onwards and upwards, enjoy the tennis : )

    Joycee x

  • Bravo Jayne, excellent news indeed! I'm so pleased for you. All very best wishes, Rosame
  • That's wonderful news Jayne, I'm so pleased for you.  Enjoy the tennis!  xxx


  • Great news Jayne,you are proof that there is life during and after cancer,well done at reaching the milestone. Like me you watched the tennis, what a game with Andy Murrray (if you watched it) had to keep leaving the room. Once again well done all the best in the future,be good.

                                                             Chris . x

    Not gummy any more.

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  • Just to say thanks to the kind people who responded to my post. It is a very strange feeling and people around me (especially my boss) seem to think "all done & dusted", sorted but unlike a broken finger or an ear infection where you  "feel better" - this disease is not like this and I can only echo what I have read on many posts "this disease/illness changes us".

    Having said that I am so grateful to be in this position and I wish us all strength and the very very best of wishes (I never use the word luck anymore) to keep moving onwards and upwards.


  • How true your words are, Jayne .... we may well be all ' done and dusted ' but sometimes those side effects are with us forever and others don't always see this side of things. Yes indeed, we are different both physically and mentally .... and although those scars gradually fade, they still remain.

    Today is particularly poignant for me as five years ago I was waiting to undergo the ten-hour surgery required to remove my cancer, just half an hour to go now ....

    As you said, Jayne .... keep moving onwards and upwards !

    Joycee x

  • It hats great news for you.where abouts was your cancer,did you get regular scans

    why me

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