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benign nodules

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benign nodules

  • Hi allI joined this group a few days ago and only plucked the courage up to post to the group.A year ago yesterday my dad passed away from colon cancer......I had posted in the colon cancer group back then.

    I attended an appointment to see the genetitist as my dad his sister and brother and their father plus two of my cousins all passed away due to colon cancer......given the strong family gene I was sent for a colonscopy which came back clear and have to have done again in two years.I had a gastroscopy done too as I have pain just to the right of my belly button.....The result from that was that he found two small nodules in my Oesophagus,distil to the z line were found, he put in brackets probally inflammatory.

    He has taken two biopsies and Im waiting for the results.I have never suffered from heartburn or reflux or swallowing probems, never smoked and never taken alchohol.Neadless to say I am worried, really worried :) Reading the internet is not a good thing lol But I do it, torture really.....but Im reading its a less than 20 per cent that they could be benign, somewhere else it says 10 per cent....I'm not so much worried for me but for my husbnd, children and grandchildren and especially for my mum who I have looked after and been there for since dad passed away.... really hoping and praying they are benign and the results come back supporting that......the wait is awful, all of you can relate to that, I'm sure...all the best to you all

  • Hi ,


    Glad you got up the courage to post.
    Hope your results will come back benign. How long do you have to wait ?


    Take care.
    Many lovely people on here . xx

  • Thanks Tray.....I had the scopes last week Wednesday and was told the results would be back in a few me being impatient phoned the consultants secretary on

    Thursday and she said the same.The consultant will look at the results and then write to my GP where I will be told the results.....I can tell by reading everyone elses postings that there are some lovely people on this supporting of each other :)

  • Hello, 

    Please try not to worry, you dont have all the facts yet. I know this easy for me to say as I am not waiting for results. If it is malignant then it will have been caught at early stage and this will dramatically effect treatment outcomes in a positive way.

    All the best. 


  • Thanks Wease :)

  • If it is OC it looks like it will have been found at a very early stage and thats great cos its easily treated and eliminated.So many of us on here diagnosed at late  staging.So shouldnt worry at present.Sounds like you have no swallowing probs,acid reflux etc.Many of us here though never smoked and drunk alcohol but still got it.Dont go on internet too much till you know for sure what it is.Have a look at peoples profiles for their experience with symtoms etc.May help?

    Best wishes Griff

  • Hope all results will be fine.


    thinking of you .


  • Hi dizzylamb

    Once you know what you are dealing with the weapons to fight it will we heading your way. As Griff says, try to keeep off the doom and gloom sites as they are not always helpful, especially those with out of date statistics.


  • thanks for the reply Griff...I'm not going to worry myself anymore's not helping :)I'm just going to put it from my mind ,thanks for the advice :)

  • thank you Tray :)

  • Thanks for the reply and I am going to try and not look at the internet and worry myself......could be that the results will come back okay.....thanks for the advice :)

  • It was three weeks ago Wedsnesday since I had the biopsy so I phoned my GPs surgery on Tuesday and was adviced to phone the hospital as they didnt have the results as yet. So I contacted the secretary of the consultant who did the gastroscopy and who sent off the biopsies.The secretary said the results, once reviewed by the consultant, are sent to the she looked me up on the computer....then she told me my results were on their way with my notes,to another consultant (who is within the same hospital) and she then put me through to that consultants secretary. I then phoned that secetary for her to look me up on the computer and tell me that the results and my notes were on the way to her consultant.....she took my phone number and said she would contact I've waited since Tuesday and as I hadnt heard from her, I phoned back today......I told her my name and she said I think a letter is in the post to me.....she looked me up on the computer again only to be told that my notes and results are on her consultants know the results and my great big thick folder of medical notes would not be on his desk at all....the results are put straight onto the computer and leaving my notes for anyone, cleaners etc.over the weekend would be naughty of them lol......the secretary said the consultant wasn't in today and would be in on I said that is almost four weeks since I had the biopsies and she replied," some of the results took longer than normal to get back for some reason"....I am soooo concerned,not worried but I am anxious to know what the results are :) Some of her replies to me today are not making sense at all.It's not just me but my husband and family are anxious to know too.


  • Hope you get some answers tomorrow.

    Sending lots of good thoughts.



  • Hi everyone.............thank you to you all who replied to my post...I can see how much you all support each other ......all the very best to you all on your journey that you are are in my thoughts. After chasing up my results with the secretaries and phoning once again today ( phoned last week Tuesday and was told my notes and results were on their way from one consultant to another within the same hospital) I finally had the secretary phone me back after I phoned her again this morning, (she said he hadnt looked at the results,and they were in his admin tray and she would get him to look at them when he got in ) to say I had nothing to worry about this is what the consultant told her to tell me.....I mentioned the pain I have had since September in my stomach which is still here in my stomach and was told she would put a note in with my results and send them back to the cancer specialist nurse, who ordered the gastroscopy (cos of the pain) and colonscopy ( due to the strong history of colon cancer...Lynchs) and then she will decide if I should be refered to gastrology to see a consultant ( the two consultants i mentioned above are in the gastrology dept and the secretary is one of their secretarieslol ) ...still no further about the pain but at least my results concerning the two nodules in the z line of my gullet is very good news indeed.... all the very best to you all....I admire how you all support each other in your journey ...God bless you all ..............Carol