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My Brothers Operation

No. of entries: 8 | Posted on 29 Apr 2013 11:22 PM

My Brothers Operation

  • Sorry not been on here as had some trouble.
    Apparently the site dont agree with Windows 8 and internet explorer 10.

    My brothers Op will be On wednesday May 1st.
    Will be so worried until we can call the hospital , since we are in USA and he is back there in UK.
    All we can do is hope that the outcome is a good one.
    They say 5 1/2 hrs. . But who knows.

    My best wishes goes out to you all..

    Keep fighting . :)

  • Will be thinking of your brother on Wednesday, especially as you are so far away you must feel really helpless at this time. I really hope the outcome is good news - fingers crossed, keep positive it really helps all of you.  I know from personal experience.

  • Thank you..Just called hospital and they say he is in recovery.
    the doc is condident he got it all. I hope so.
    Feeling helpless as hard not to be there and get info first hand and see him.
    But once he is more aware he will hopefully message us and let us know himself.

  • The Op was about 8 and half hrs.Epidural for pain, loads of tubes.
    3 chest drains.he messaged yesterday . Was tired but aware.
    Today said he was up in a chair , near the window with sun on his face and it felt good.
    Thats the best news for us to hear.
    Hope he recovers well now and gets his strength back.
    Should be in dependency unit till next week, then hopefully regular ward.

    Big hugs to all, keep on fighting.

  • hoping your brother recovers fast,my dad had his op a week ago,its a worrying stressful time for all .take care

  • Thanks, how is your Dad doing. x

  • They say he has a chest infection as of the 6th. so on antibiotics.
    hard to get much info as they are not keen to give it over the phone.
    so we are pretty frustrated . :(

  • my dad has a chest infection too,and infection in his pic line,hope your brother recovers soon too