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Struggling :(

No. of entries: 6 | Posted on 27 Apr 2013 11:36 PM

Struggling :(

  • Father in law diagnosed 18 months ago with stage 4 cancer of the osteophgus - he went thru chemo really well but recently lost a lot of weight - last Tuesday we were told he had 3 month left. It's just me and my husband (and our kids - 6 & 10) no-one else - we are caring for him round the clock - missing work etc - we are struggling and don't know where to turn :s any advice would be greatly received
  • Hi Lainey, so sorry to hear that your Father-in-law has reached this stage. It must be so difficult for you all. I'm not based in the UK, so may not be of much help to you in terms of advice on support. Have you been put in contact with a Macmillan nurse, or any other support service? If not, get back in touch with your hospital to see what you can access. I'm sure that others will be more familiar with the system, but I just wanted to respond to your post. Take care xx 

  • Hello Lainey. So sorry you find yourself in this awful situation.  My husband has oesophagus cancer and no chemo no radiotherapy. We are now under the palliative care team based at our local hospice and also our GP who will come out as needed. The palliative care team monitor pain relief and offer many other services  which we have not gone into as our main concern was pain relief and blood counts and nutrition. Quality of life. Contact your Macmillan nurse who should be able to advise. Your father in laws GP and their team. The hospital G. I. specialist nurse. We were put in touch with the palliative care team through the hospital consultant. To me it would seem you need daily practical help also. Trying to juggle family life husband children and your father in law please ring the hospital consultant team or your Macmillan nurse. Wishing you all the help possible. Thinking about you all. You can PM me anytime love Elizabeth x x

  • After 9 days of fighting, my father in law passed away this morning - with his son by his side, in his much loved wee house. We watched him die and it was the hardest thing We have ever had to do. He's pain free now and with his much missed wife - I hope that by proving round the clock care, he was able to pass in the way in which he wanted and that we did him round - GBNF - my father in law - one in a million x
  • Dear Lainey So sorry to hear you have lost your father in law (one in a million) What a wonderful family looking after him and allowing him peace surrounded by his son and yourself.  My sincerest condolences god bless love and hugs to all Elizabeth x x x x

  • Lainey I am so sorry to read this. You should be proud of how you cared for him as I'm sure he was proud of you both. Take care of yourselves xx