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Post-Operative Chemo

No. of entries: 8 | Posted on 22 Nov 2012 2:34 PM

Post-Operative Chemo

  • Hi there,


    Was wondering if anyone has any experience on what the impact is of stopping chemo following on from surgery?  My dad had his second cycle of chemo last week but has had another extremely bad reaction (hospitalised again), he's not been able to take the chemo tablets at all because of the reaction and he now weighs less than 11stone (he's 6'5").  The oncologist has said that he doesn't recommend a third dose and I don't think he could take it.  This seems to be pretty common, has it happened to anyone else?  

    He can't even really get water down at the moment, and he's ridiculously thin.  He can barely get the painkillers down, so keeping him hydrated and even trying to get a sip of the Calogen down is a real struggle for him.  Has this happened to anyone else?



  • Myself and others I know have experienced this.I stopped chemo after surgery.Only managed 1 week !!

    Its 18 months on now and doing ok. I always say have a look at peoples profiles as gives an understanding of things.I struggled to with weight and still do!! I wasnt 6ft 5 but was 15 stone and well built went down to 10st 7 but now am 11st 7 but cant get above that.

    So hope that helps a bit.My advice would be to stop it and health will start to perk up after several days although still got the bits and bobs to deal with from surgery!!! but the feelin of chemo is awful and much worse for some of us, the post op chemo!! Statistics show that just under 4% of patients with OC benefit from the post op chemo.I was advised by my surgeon who is one of the leading lights in OC cancer surgery not, to have chemo as first lot and surgery should have worked? I went against him and suffered greatly!


  • Dear Helen There are others here who didn't want to continue with the post operative chemo, Steve I think is a good example who is really well quite come time on. He may get in touch or you could read his biography. ( ink he comes up as this is a good year). As you consultant thinks it's best not to have any more for now then I would trust him/her as they have the completeicture and your Dads best interests at heart. Congratulations that he had the op and is well on the way to now being in a good situation. Strength, hugs and courage to you all. Sue X
  • Hope I am right and it's Bad Year is now a Good Year....late onset memory loss!
  • Thanks for your reply, it's difficult to think that chemo is a good thing isn't it when it knocks people out so badly.  He's still not back on his feet, and has dropped more weight.  He'd been doing so well from the op and this has really knocked him.  It seems to taking an age to get the chemo out of his system but it's only been two weeks.  Onwards and upwards I hope!  Thanks again XX

  • 4% is definitely not worth this, I just don't think he could stand it.  We kept thinking that it was surely better to have chemo than not, but the oncologist was very clear that it would do much more harm than good, so I think that's the decision made now.  We just want the stuff out of his body now so he can start to try and eat again.  He's still getting very little down him...  Thanks Griff!

  • Hi Helen,

    My Mum has recently been diagnosed and when outlining her treatment plan post op chemo wasn't even mentioned. I queried it and the consultant just said the evidence doesn't show any real benefit.

    It sound like your Dad's body is telling him the same, hoping him well in his recovery.

  • Hi Helen

    I could not find any evidence that post op chemo has any significant benefit, I was also too ill to tolerate it after my op so had to also stop. I say once the decision has been made to stop, just forget about it and concentrate on the things you have control over and that is to get strong again.

    Best Regards,