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Loss of appetite after surgery

No. of entries: 5 | Posted on 13 Oct 2012 7:03 PM

Loss of appetite after surgery

  • Hello everyone


    It is coming up to 4 weeks since Dad's surgery and he has almost no appetite.  I know it's only early days but how long does this last? 

    He is on all the full fat stuff.  he isn't doing too bad for breakfast and is managing an almost normal sized portion of cereal / porridge.  he is having his coffee made with full fat milk and has cream etc in soup etc.  He is trying the little and often method that has been recommended but little is turning into very little! He doesn't feel sick and it isn't a case of can't swallow or anything physical like that, he just doesn't want to eat although he knows he has to.  


    Any ideas would be most welcome


  • Very early days.I was just the same for over 12 months!!!! Apart from the surgery stomach will be smaller.I still dont eat much because of that but do enjoy my food now.Get some fortisip or similar from gp.If eating full fat stuff all will be ok.It gets better slowly.Just dont pressure him too much as thats one thing that got to me.Also you know you should eat but thinking about it makes it worse!!!! Its a long time in recovery but as I always say we are alive and lucky to be recovering.


  • Thank you that is really helpful.  If there is one thing that helps it's knowing that you are not the only one going through it!!


  • i'm 6 mnths post op, like griff says its hard for you to watch but its harder to force yourself to eat.i had full fat milk and high calorific foods but if i didn't fancy eating it was wasted.

     try small portions of his favorites plenty of mashed vegs n potatoes etc add stronger flavours ( i used to have a small amount of a curry with rice etc) basically its trial n error, and try to encourage snacks between meals like cheese n crackers or fruit puddings.

     I asked the exact same question and was told by a very wise man" after all our years just eating we now have to learn to eat with our belly's and not our eyes"

    stay positive big hugs   joe x

  • thank you