Consultant Appointment - bit of a non-event!


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Consultant Appointment - bit of a non-event!

No. of entries: 24 | Posted on 30 Nov 2012 08:30
  • Had my much dreaded Haematology appointment on Wednesday - here is how it went.

    Me "Hello"

    Him "Hello - any night sweats?

    Me "Yes about three nights out of seven

    Him " Any weight loss?"

    Me "Sadly no"

    Him "Haematologists are the only doctors who do not want you to lose weight! "

    Me "Ha Ha!!!"

    Him "Any lumps or bumps?"

    Me "Nope"

    Him "Cheerio then - see you in six months"

    Me "Looking forward to it" (thinks actually not")


    So in and out in less than five minutes - good really but I am surprised he took my word that I didn't have any "lumps and bumps". White Cells only up by 10 from six months ago so 90 but all is stable otherwise. So I live to fight another six months! xx

    Best wishes to all xx


  • Hi Caroline and Jue,

    I agree, if you are feeling OK in yourself and your blood results are within the 'normal' range, it's a good result.

    I have a blood test tomorrow and hospital Wednesday. I'm feeling OK just hoping for good blood count result. I'm also having LFT (Liver Function Test), LDH, protein strip and Immunoglobulins done. I last had LDH, protein strip and Igs done in 2010.

    Hope all are well,


  • Hi Caroline,

    I'm pleased that your results were Ok.  I know what you mean though.  My very first consultant visit was cursory to say the least.  I remember being asked if I had any swollen lymph nodes and to be honest, I wasn't even sure where they all were!  I said no then did a bit of internet searching to be sure I had nothing to worry about.

    I go for blood results on Monday which I'm a bit worried about because I've not been feeling 100%.

    Good luck Mikey with your blood and other tests - hope everything is Ok for you and Jue, hope yours are good as well.

    What a joy to see some sunshine - it's a beautiful day, enjoy everyone.

    Love and hugs to all.  Junie XX 

  • Hi Junie,

    I hope and pray you get a good result on Monday. 

    You should get a copy of your blood counts.

    Yes, it's a beautiful day down here on the coast. Will be off on my bike soon.

    Where's Sparky??



  • Hi Mikey,

    Seems like there's a few of us with fingers crossed this week! 

    I remember Sparkler hasn't been feeling too well recently and had trouble  getting antibiotics that suited her.  I'm sending special 'missing you' hugs to her, really miss her sparkiness on here.

    Hope you are soon back with us Sparkler - Lots of love Juniexx

    Take care Mikey - hope you've enjoyed your bike ride.

    XX Junie 


  • Hi Jue,

    When is your appointment? Is it next week?

    Thanks for the best wishes Jue and Junie.

    Here's a couple of pics I took of the Sun low over the Isle of Wight

    Mikey,  Be well all

  • WOW! Mikey,

    Those pictures are just gorgeous.  Seascapes and skyscapes are really moving I think and there are some great ones at this time of year.  The moon was wonderful last night, really low.

    Take care, and speical thoughts to all who are having treatment or tests or feeling a bit jaded like I was before I saw those wonderful skies and seas!

    Hugs and love JunieXX


    Hi Everyone

    Jue, Junie and Mikey good luck with you bloods and consults, wishing the very best for Christmas. great to hear yours was uneventful Caroline,, long may it continue. 

    I'm finally down from the ladder and have finished decorating and dressed the front rooms, picked up the new curtains and tie, it's only taken 7 years. Took a CLL diagnosis and a few others to get me moving, but I got there.(Can I stay in the good books till Christmas?)

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone and getting into the Christmnas buid up. Wishing the best to alli




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