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any advice ladies please..........:)

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any advice ladies please..........:)

  • hi,well im new to this so pls bear with me,abit about me,well im 36 with 3 beautiful boys:)i havent been diognosed with anything yet,but im having some worrying symptons and just wounderd if anybody could give me a little advice,when i was 16 i had an abnormal smear cin3 cells wich i had laser treatment for and were sucsessfully removed(yey)then in my early 20s another abnormal smear so laser treatment again:(next smear was clear untill my late 20s abnormal again,cin1 but they went back on their own(no treatment)at 30 abnormal again had the cold kinfe treatment,next 2 smears all clear,last on was 17 months ago,now about my symptons about 15 months ago i stood up and a big gush af clear flued leakes out of me(weriod)it was sooo heavy it left a puddle on the floor,no odor,anyway nothing after that untill about 10 months ago,i was asleep and all of a sudden i woke up with this clear fluid gushing out again,deffenatly not urine,well that was it untill 6 months ago when i noticed when i went to the toilet for a bm i would bleed vaginaly(strange i no)i thought it was from the rectum so i went to the dr and he sent me for a sigmoidoscopy,that was fine,no abnormalitys,well the discharge has gotten alot worse its every day for the past 6 months and it also pinkish in couler,its constant,and it also has staryed to smell like amonnia,its not urine because when i were a tampax i dont get it in my underwear,i also bleed after having sex aswell,so i went back to the dr who referd me 2 have an internal scan,that showed nothing abnormal either,so back to the drs again, this time he referd me to the gyno,she said she wanted me to have a histeroscopy and an endomitrial biopsy,wich i had about 2 months ago also that was clear,a fbc std etc all clear,anyway i went bk in hospital 2 weeks ago for a colposcopy and cervical biopsy,the gyno couldnt get a biopsy because i hardly have any cervix left so i have to go for the leep in 4/6 weeks,she said my cervix looked gud when she sprayed the vineger on, but when she pit the iodine on their was a tiny wight patch that wouldnt couler,she asured me it wasnt cervical cancer,she said 100%it wasnt,but she did say my symptons are of cervical cancer,so my question is has anybody had these symptons and it turned out to be cervical cancer?has anybody any idear what else could cause all these symptons?could i still have cervical cancer even though my gyno said it wasnt?im realy scared atm,so sorry for such a long post juat wanted to make sure i didnt leave anything out,thank you in advance for any relpys:)x

  • Hiya, I needed CT, PET and MRI scans to finally confirm the cancer. Your post didn't mention anything about scans requested by the Gyno. Has s/he explained why? Best wishes

  • hi thank you for replying,the gyno hasnt sent me for any scans because she doesnt suspect cancer,that why im so confused,if she didnt think it was cancer then why does she want to have the leep,can people have a normal looking cervix and still have cancer?the wight patch she seen on my cervix she just said is probably just realy early cell changes and nothing to worry about,i phoned the hospital today for my results from the biopsy,they are back and the gyno is going to phone me tommorow with the results,but as she could hardly get a biopsy she didnt thing i would get a clear result,oh im confused.thanks again for replying.x

  • well just an update,i got my results from my cervical biopsy and it was clear,so they must of managed to get enough tissue,but they still want me to go back for another biopsy on my cervix and to have the leep done,i asked the nurse why she said that their is to types of cells in the cervix and the biopsy that i just had only cheacked for 1 ov the and that was fine,so the next biopsy will check for the other type of cells,i thought a biopsy checked for everything,does anybody no what all that is ment to meen,and am i in the clear for cervical cancer,thank you.xxx