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results day looming!

No. of entries: 7 | Posted on 17 Feb 2013 11:35 PM

results day looming!

  • Hi everyone, I'm new here and find it helps to read people's stories. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on the 9th of January which was a total shock as I have always had normal smears. Since then I have had a MRI, CT and PET CT scan. I have been discussed at several consultant meetings but they have not yet made a decision about treatment options. I had mt PET CT last week and my consultant has called to say I am to meet her on Tuesday to discuss results (which she doesn't have yet, but will have by Tuesday) and talk about treatment plan. I am absoloutley terrified to meet with her, not just to discuss treatment but to hear my results of PET CT as I have been told this is a really good scan and shows up cancerous tissue. I have vbeen told I have stage two cancer and the tumour is aound 1cm. I am 29 years old and have two children. I get the feeling the doctors would like to do a hysterectomy but chemo/rad has also been mentioned. I have been having tests done for weeks and the waiting has emotionally drained me, and now when I think about Tuesday I am so scared. I do want to get on with treatment and get rid of this horrific disease but nothing seems clear cut. I'm sorry to have a rant on here but if anyone could give me advice or has had a similar experience I would love to hear from you,Thank you x x x p.s my consultant has been amazing and she said the reason they are taking their time making a decision and ordering tests is to make sure the treatment is absoloutley right, especially as I am only 29 and they don't want me to have more treatment than needed.

  • Hi, I'm 31 and diagnosed 4 weeks ago, I've been waiting for my MRI which is booked for the 25th and this long period of waiting has absolutely been a nightmare. I had to wait this long due to having LLETZ and my doctor said I have to be completely healed before an MRI as it can have misleading results. So I while I can relate to you in the dreaded waiting period I can't imagine how you feel about waiting for a treatment plan, I'm not so bad for my results as he's booked me in the morning after for results and plan of treatment. I'm also emotionally drained from this and have no close family around to turn to, my husband is a great support but I still can't talk to him about it in depth as he just says we can't think anything until we have the scan and have the results, but that's easier said than done! Anyway if you want a chat or rant feel free to message me. Rebecca x
  • Hi Rebecca, Thanks so much for your post, it feels good to chat with someone who is going through the same thing and feels the same. By the sounds of it your doctors are right on the ball as I did have an MRI soon after my LLETZ and that has caused problems as I wasn't totally healed and therefore had to have another scan so I'm glad that this won't be the case for you and you can get a good scan so they know exactley what they need to do. I have read a lot of info and it seems the waiting is the worst and I feel bad for you not having family close by, I can totally relate to this my parents and brother live abroad too but like you I have a wonderful man who is very supportive. I will keep you posted on tomorrow's results and wish you all the best for yours, thankfully the wait is almost over for us both! Kate x

  • Il be thinking of you tomorrow good luck and fingers crossed for you x
  • Hi Kate, Been thinking of you today hope it all went well x Rebecca x
  • Hi Rebecca I hope this post works i have been trying all week to reply to you but my computer is really playing up, so sorry it took so long! I had my decision and am booked in to have a radical hysterectomy in Aberdeen (2 hours from my home!) on Monday, which happens to be my 30th birthday!! It could end up being the best birthday pressie ever if this cures me. I'll be up there for a week but will be in touch on my return. I will be thinking of you Monday for your MRI, really hope all goes well and you get some answers soon, Take Care, Kate x x x

  • Hi Kate That's great your getting sorted, and they are doing it pretty quickly too. Have they told you what stage you are? Do you know if you are having keyhole or normal hysterectomy? I hope it all goes well and wish you a speedy recovery, also sending you birthday wishes for monday! Not how you planned to spend your 30th I'm sure but like you said it could be the best pressie ever! I have never wanted a weekend to go as quickly as I did this week, I've just got to get Monday out of the way now and Tuesday morning il know where I stand. Il let you know how I get on. Good luck for Monday look forward to hearing from you soon xx