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Cervical cancer

For people affected by cancer of the cervix to get together, ask questions, share experiences and support each other

Social Services? More like Anti social with no service

No. of entries: 2 | Posted on 30 Jan 2013 4:52 PM

Social Services? More like Anti social with no service

  • I have my first treatment planning meeting tomorrow. I've been trying to contact social services for two weeks now, with regard to arranging respite care for Mum whilst I undergo treatment. Everything feels so disorganised. I have rung the social care team every day for the past two weeks and still don't even have a name for my Mums key worker! A local Carers support group have been ringing on my behalf and they've got nowhere either. It's such a joke. I'm having to juggle Mums care and my appointments. If they give me a date to start treatment to or row I will have to say no as there is nothing in sorted to get Mum cared for. The stress this is causing is far worse than trying to come to terms with my illness. If it wasn't for the endless hugs from my fabulous boyfriend I think I'd just fall to pieces. Rant over. Thank you for allowing me to share a "poor me" moment with people who truly understand
  • Hey x sending you a hug too! I wonder if Macmillan can help lend some weight to your pleas with social services? My parents are both in their late 80's and rely on me quite a bit. I remember when I was diagnosed being more worried about how they would cope while I had treatment than how I would get through it! Thankfully we all got through it and I'm sure you will too. I was quite surprised how much my parents can do for themselves really - although they have now gone back to 'normal' and calling me for anything from 'can you come and fix the tv' to 'i've got a letter i don't understand'. (I fixed the tv- they had the remote control set to DVD not tv!!!) I really hope that you get the proper care for your mum sorted and you can start to really focus on you x thinking of you and hope tomorrow goes well x