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Chemo tomorrow

No. of entries: 17 | Posted on 19 Nov 2013 06:08
  • I start my chemo tomorrow, 6mths fect & 8 weeks radiotherapy. I've had my mastectomy which has caused me no problems except needing draining. As for the lymph node removal it's abit harder. All along I've been strong through this and surgery, but this morning I was sick. I've only had 2 toast for breakfast, my head is thumping and I'm in tears. The chemo is scaring me more than anything . This is all because I'm scared of the unknown
  • You will be fine, it won't necessarily be easy but it is doable. My oncologist told me to just get on with it, a bit harsh perhaps, but it worked for me.  I had 4 EC and 4 Tac with different side effects for each.  What I will say is that now that 6 months is over its like it never happened.  I know I was ill, I know it was hard but its done now and I seem to have forgotten about it.   I was much much worse about my surgery but thats done too so now radiotherapy is taking all my fears :).

    What I have learnt reading these forums is that NO experience is the same so you may well not get all of the side affects you read about.  I did lose my hair after 17 days but my nails are fine (with no black polish) and in fact seem to be stronger than they were :)

    Take every thing they offer you and the other thing I realised is that they only know your side effects if you tell them!! I was always very upbeat with my oncologist, perhaps showing him a bit more of my upset would have helped. 

  • Dear I will beat this, its normal to be scared and your body is just  showing you what you need right now. If 2 pieces of toast is enough then just have 2 pieces of toast. I found mashed banana comforting and a glass of milk but just choose what you fancy.

    All people respond differently to chemo so please don't be worried about some of the experiences you read on this site, we are all different and we all have our own individual bodies. It is doable.

    I hope the chemo is kind to you I always tried to think of it as a friend rather than a foe after all it will help you in the long term........

    I hope that your chemo is kind to you and in the words of Charlie and the chocolate factory's Violet Bodegard "Keep your eyes on the prize"

    Warm wishes


    Aroma mum

  • It is the unknown that scares us, but once first session is over you know the actual treatment isn't so bad and takes just over an hour, well mine does, but I do sometimes have wait 3 hours after my appointment time to get into the ward to have it done.  I have learnt to take sandwiches and some snacks with me and a drink, a book or something to do is essential.  Although they do bring tea round if you happen to be there when the trolly is passing.  But your hospital maybe very different with not so long a waiting time.  I have learnt to live with this as they do not rush you when you are having your treatment and some people are in there for far longer treatments than me and probably you, so I know they give me the time when I am there.

    They will give you anti-sickness tablets and take those as suggested even if you don't feel sick, having the tablets is the reason you don't.  So important.   I also have steroids for 3 days which also act as anti-sickness and keep your appetite up, so again I stock up on snacks, drinks as I find these make me very hungry and I need snacks, albeit as healthy as possible to watch weight, but I do find fig rolls can help with any signs of constipation, and drinking lots helps this too.  I haven't particularly suffered with this.  But as kipper said we are all different and get different side effects and cope in different ways. 

    Peppermint tea, ginger tea and green tea are fairly refreshing and do help any indigestion or queasy feelings that you may have.

    My worst side affect apart from been, very, very tired, so short activity then rest or snooze, your body will tell you so listen to it, is my mouth has been very sore in the second week, some ulcers, taste buds disappearing, and a burning hot dry mouth, but lots of mouth washes you can get for this, ask you chemo nurse or your GP who will make sure you have no infections.  Difflam which you can buy over the counter at a chemist is great for taking off the soreness so you can eat and drink easier, this doesn't last long and the more of a routine I have got into the less I have suffered with chemo 2,3,and 4.  Buy yourself a soft toothbrush or a children's toothbrush and tooth paste if it gets too bad, this helps a lot and I use chrosdly (probably not the right spelling)none alcoholic mouthwash also over the counter.

    So really the best advise is to get tomorrow out of the way, keep a daily note of your side effects so you can plan for the next session, 'cos you will forget, read the normal side effects on all the tablets they give you this helps you not to panic if something is happening that you were not expecting, and as Kipper said report all back to the chemo nurse or oncologist they are very quick to change tablets etc. if necessary.  They will look after you, trust them.

    One really important piece of advice I got from this forum and I have had many, is to see your first 3 chemo treatments as climbing a hill, once y0u get there the next three are all down hill you are in a good routine.  I had my fourth session yesterday so definitely on the way to the end, of course I have had moments when it all seemed far too much, but you know it is doable and does go quickly, build in some treats for week 3, lunch or coffee with friends or family, visits, nails as kipper says, get them painted black, I do the week before, you will find little things suddenly mean a lot, but still get rest in this week before your blood test.

    Lots of warm wishes for tomorrow and let us know when you can how it went.   Everything crossed for you.


    Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

  • Hi I will beat this, first of all good luck for tomorrow, I am due to have my 2nd FEC on Friday, I would mirror what others have said, do what your body tells you, sleep when tired, eat what you want when you want, drink plenty of water. I am going into my 2nd one, telling everyone that I will be wiped out for about 5 days, then gradually coming back to normal over the following 2 weeks, I have actually felt "normal" for the last 8 days, keep taking the anti sickness drugs, my hospital gave me 5 days supply, but went back to docs as still feeling sick, took for about another 5 days then accidentally forgot to take one day and realised I felt ok. This is totally do able and I keep thinking about planning for my "I kicked cancers butt" party!! Good luck and hugs xoxo
  • Hi, I was just like that before my mastectomy, but what was frightening me wasn't losing my breast, it was the radioactive isotope injection beforehand.  I had read horror stories on the web and got into a real stew about it.  In the end, of course, it was not nearly as bad as I expected.  Most things haven't been as bad as I expected, from having a broken leg set, to childbirth, to the MX so I tell myself now that I just have to go with the flow, and not get worked up beforehand.  I'm due to start FEC in two weeks.  We're all in this together, so be kind to yourself, and plan a little treat for when you feel up to it.

    Best of luck! xx


  • It's crap and horrible but you will get through it because you have to.  I have done 4 FEC and 3 out of 4 Tax. A lot of the side effects they told me about i didn't get.  I suppose its like when you read the label inside an aspirin packet and they tell you all kinds of terrible things that can happen (but usually don't).

    I just got a date for my mastectomy (had the chemo first) so am freaking out about drains.  I was v traumatised by hair loss but now it's coming back I find other things to worry about!

    Bonne Courage!  You can do it!


    Onwards and Upwards!

  • Just to add, yes mouth side effects worst for me too.  Take the anti sickness pills (even if they cause constipation).  Use mouthwash, clean your teeth a lot, eat pineapple.

    I did find I felt tired but generally it's the second week that's worst.  Week three you feel like you're getting back to normal and then they poison you again.

    Make sure you get all the prescriptions filled in advance so you don't have to go to the chemist if you feel bad.  We have an extra cancer corner in addition to our normal bathroom stuff now.



    Onwards and Upwards!

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