surgery on Tuesday feeling scared

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surgery on Tuesday feeling scared

No. of entries: 19 | Posted on 12 Jan 2013 04:55
  • Hello, I am having my 8mm cancer lump removed from my breast on Tuesday and I am feeling scared about everything. I suffer from anxiety and have found it has increased a lot since my diagnoses if anyone has had this procedure done could they please reassure me, I would be grateful for any feed back.
  • hi deb

    i had a mascectomy in november it was  not nearly as bad as i had feared so im sure uyou will be fine other ladies will answer who have just had the lump out im sure.

    jenny x

  • Thanks Jenny, just so anxious.
  • you will be its natural im starting chemo on monday and im scared witless its the fear of the unknown are you staying in or home same day??

  • Deb - the surgery itself really is easy and not very painful either, surprisingly so!  I had MX and had no pain on my scar area at all, only all around where I had my lymph nodes removed but that is not happening for you

  • I was really scared about having my mx and anc but found that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and not as painful either you will be fine.  You will feel better when it is done and you've got rid of the little bugger.

    I am having chemo on Tues was nervous of it but the ladies on here have reassured me and sort of want to get on with it as that will be one more step nearer to the finish line.

    All the best for Tues be thinking about you


    Kiera x

    There will be sunshine after the rain

  • Hi Deb

    Sorry you feeling so anxious. I am not an anxious person but have found out what that's like whilst having rads. I just seem to have developed it in the last run.

    You don't need to worry at all about lumpectomy. I had that and two to three lymphs removed and that was the easiest part of this process for me. it's nothing that paracetamol can't sort out. Just bit uncomfortable in bed as you can't lie on that side and also I felt burnt quite badly which was the sensation of having nerves mucked about with. That went in 2/3 weeks. But don't worry you may not get that.

    let us know how you get onCX

    Sasha -hope you are ok I have been wondering how you are as haven't seen you post in a while. Myabe I just missed it xx

  • Hi Debs , as our mac friends have said its natural to feel scared - we all like to be in the driving seat but we seem to be banned from driving on this rollacoaster. it's good though that you are sharing your feelings , I have felt just this act alone does help and seems to be a bit like letting the steam out of a pressure cooker. We are all here to listen and support, sending you hugs and determination.


    Beevergirl xx

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