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Driving after surgery

No. of entries: 8 | Posted on 4 Jul 2012 3:00 PM

Driving after surgery

  • Hi there,

    I wonder if anyone could advise me.  I wondered what the criteria was for being ready to drive again.  I know that if you go to your doctor before the statutory 6 weeks, he can assess you and say if you are well enough to drive or not and then you must inform your insurance company of this but has anyone done this and if so, what does it involve?

    I have about 75-80% mobility back in my arm and am pretty much getting on with normal stuff day to day (not lifting heavy things but doing everything else).  The lack of transport is becoming an issue and I feel I could probably drive ok (well about as well as before ;-P ).

    any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi Tinkers

    I had an mx with LD flap reconstruction 3 weeks ago and when I saw my consultant after 2 weeks I asked when I could drive again and she said I don't see any reason why not if you feel ok.  I went out that afternoon just round the block and felt fine but I was reconstructed on the right side so no gear changes with that arm.  I can honestly say I was fine just not as quick getting in and out of the car.  


    I think if you feel ok then just ask the question.

  • I think it's important to check with your insurance company if the surgeon okays driving, as should you need to claim and you haven't cleared it with them first, they could use it as an excuse not to pay out - insurance companies tend to differ in the length of time they want you to not drive for.

  • Hi Rosie,

    yes I had the same op too, on 11th June (3 1/2 wks ago) and am feeling pretty good.  However, mine WAS on the left side and I don't have an automatic but my gearshift on my my car is not too bad so I am hoping I can handle it.   Did you go to your GP or your surgeon to get the all clear??  If so, which one and what did the 'test' involve??  Its just that even to get to my doctor I have to walk a fair way.  For me I dont mind but  I have to drag my 3 yr old along and she hates walking too far and I find it difficult pushing the buggy up the hills here, it makes my shoulder ache.  So if it is likely they will say not yet, I will wait.

  • Hi Tinkers

    It was at the appointment with the consultant to take the dressing off, had been on 2 weeks which seemed strange to me, kept imagining all sorts going on under there.

    Anyway just as I was getting ready to leave I thought I might as well ask the question, glad I did!  That said the consultant did say I sailed thro the whole procedure but then again I was determind too, this bloody c has already spoilt enough for me this summer.

    If you are not going back to the hospital in the next week or so I would ask a friend to take you to doctors, after all it might be the last time you have to ask!

  • Hi Tinkers


    Sorry meant to say there was no test as such

  • WOW!  They could not wait to whip my dressings off!!  I had them changed 3 days after surgery, before I was discharged and again the following week (5 days later) when they were completely removed along with the drain and I only had steristrips left on the scar and a small dressing where the drain entry had been.

    Ok, hopefully my Oncologist will be able to sign me off on friday.  Whooppee!!  Freedom again! :-)

  • Hi Tinkers

    Got to say I have noticed before there do seem to be vast differences between treatments etc different ladies get.  Still when they did take the dressing off it looked really good, well as good as you can with two large scars.

    One thing didn't expect is they didn't use any skin from back, which I expected from pics I had seen, but maybe its because I went down from an e cup to a c.  Thought I might as well get some benefit from this and get a free reduction on nhs!