Medical Exemption Certificate

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Medical Exemption Certificate

No. of entries: 13 | Posted on 21 May 2012 08:34
  • Hi All


    Just saw someone ask if prescriptions were free to anyone diagnosed and yes they are.

    You need your doctor to complete the medical exemption certificate request form and then your card comes through in the post.

    I have used mine a lot so if you haven't requested yours yet please do it ASAP as there has to be some perks for what we are all going through.

    take care lovely ladies and remember keep smiling and we are all here to help if we can  xxxxxxxx


    PS it's my birthday today but i am not letting my low immune week on chemo, no hair or anything else get me down as it is my special day to celebrate today............. xxxxx : -)) xxxxx

  • Perhaps it shoudl be added that that medical exemption certificate lasts for 5 years from issue in the case of cancer patients.

    PS.  Happy Birthday Saxxy and may you have many more!! :-)

    Find the best opportunities you can in any adversity and you will survive.

  • The medical exemption certificate also covers NHS dental treatment as I found out last week:-)

  • Hi Son,

    Didn't know that. How does that work? My dentist does private and also NHS treatments.

  • I'm an NHS patient at the dentist and when I went to check out, I showed the card to the receptionist and asked if this also covered dental treatment.  She checked with the dentist and I walked out without having to pay - the only perk I've found so far of having BC!

  • I think you will find it will cover eye tests too.  

    Find the best opportunities you can in any adversity and you will survive.

  • Hi Son,

    Ok I will try because there are certain treatments that I have done with them through the NHS like removing teeth but when is for fillings I have gone through private so I will see as I am due for a check up. Will also check for eye test as well for contact lenses as I use them and have a direct debit for them. 

    Any cost that this cover is welcome - only positive thing from BC.


    Susy xxx

  • Hi Son


    I have just called my dentist and asked this question and they said they have never had anyone use a medical exemption cert to cover NHS dental costs and have asked me to investigate. Is there anyway your dentist could advise the rest of us how we can get this at our dentists too? Many thanks Saxxy D

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