Radial Scar

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Radial Scar

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  • Hi

    I've just joined this group/site as I have had a whirl of activitly in the last month and would like some input if possible.

    Between 13th Jan and 9th Feb, I've had 3 mammograms, 2 ultrasounds, 6 needle biopsies, and last week a  wire biopsy which I'm still recovering from. All because the first mammogram showed calcification,  which on further investigation showed a radial scar.

    I've  been googling, and it appears to be quite rare, but I can't find much more than academic research. I wonder if  anyone has any experience or stats on malignancy, as I still have two weeks to go until I get the results, and after such a lot of activity the waiting game is frustrating and worrying. I can't fault the treatment I've had so far, amazing speed and activity from my NHS hospital but I'd just like more info!!   




  • I don't know the answer but suggest you contact the nurses here on the site on 0808 808 0000. They are very kind and helpful and I'm sure they will be able to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. They operate Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm.

    Best wishes,


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  • Hi Marion I don't know the actual stats but radial scars themselves are very uncommon and although some can have an associated malignancy..... it's less than half of them, but how much less I wouldnt like to say...... They will normally require surgical excision whether it contains cancer or not on the biopsy and will be looked at under a microscope to exclude malignancy but it's wise to bear in mind this a possibility but sounds like you are aware of that anyway...... So even if the biopsy is normal it's still recommended to have it removed and there is still a small chance that it may contain cancer when the whole thing is looked at.... This leaflet might give you more info..... http://www2.breastcancercare.org.uk/sites/default/files/Sclerosis%20of%20the%20breast%20LP.pdf Take care... Lulu xxx

    Love Lulu xx

  • Thanks Lulu, that's helpful! Guess I just have to wait for the results!



  • I have found out I still have over another week to wait, so any further info gratefull received, not sure what I'm looking for, but feel everything is very much up in the air until I know. 


  • Hello marion,

    have just had my "unknown" maybe mayebe radial scar removed along with some lymph gland (painfull) and was just wondering as to your results





  • Thanks for asking Jan, sorry the lymph glands were painful, I didn't have that done! Results are tomorrow thank god! So fed up of waiting - Really don't know what to expect, but am hoping they got all they had to get out!



  • It is a tad confusing Marion  had my op on friday and it seens i am not good with a GA so was unable to take in the info after, tried to ask on monday but had a fallout with my allocated "specialist" nurse to the point refuse to see her( not good I know but.....) getting my results on the 8th march ,postive thoughts to you for tomorrw



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