Hair falling out.

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Hair falling out.

No. of entries: 56 | Posted on 26 Apr 2011 10:48
  • Hi

    I am new to the group so I am hoping someone can help me.

    My hair started falling out today (day 15 after first chemo Fec). Not feeling great but sure I will feel better tomorrow. I thought I was prepared but still feel a bit upset.

    Can anyone tell me, now that I have syarted to lose my hair, how long will it take foe the rest to fall out?

    Sorry if I sound like I am moaning!!! xxx


  • crikey you are not moaning!!! i was in exactly the same position not that long ago.

    I had my 3rd chemo wed 20th april but i have been using the cold cap so i still have my hair. however, i can relate to how you are feeling right now. i posted something so similar. 18 days after i had my 1st chemo i started to lose my hair. id had it cut short to a pixie style so that when i used the cold cap there would be less pressure on my roots/folicles.

    nothing will ever quite prepare you (no matter how 'ok' you are with losing your hair) for that initial hair loss. i too felt really down about it and just spent far too much time running my fingers thru my hair panicking.

    what have you got for yourself? i have a wig, several bandanas (pls go to the website 'anna bandana' excellent quality and brill prices....and some really funky ideas) and i have a few wider head bands.

    like i said i had cold cap so i may not be in the exact position, i just hope you feel better soon. Many lovely ladies on here have gave me super advice so listen to it and use this fantastic website.

    chin up and remember its not forever....accessorize and work scarves, bandanas into your new chic look.... xxx

  • Hi Clair

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    Like you I can't stop running my fingers through my hair and pulling more out!!!

    I have a wig and a few lovely caps but I will look at the website you suggested as I need some scarves (don't think I will want to wear the wig all the time)!!!

    I think it's just the fact that I have just come to terms with my mastectomy and now I'm losing my hair and I have always made an effort to do my hair, make-up and stuff.

    But you are so right - it's not forever and i have been really positive up to now.

    Tomorrow is a new day.

    Hope you are okay. Sounds like the cold cap has really helped you. xxx




  • Welcome Cookie.
    I start my chemo on 4th May,a wk b4 my daughters wedding.I was diagnoised on Valentines Day & had a left mast with immediate back flap reconstruction 5 wks ago(22nd Mar)
    Going 4 my pre chemo assessment app later this morning & meeting the hairdresser 2 chose & style a wig,I will get a bandana 2...
    Some of my BC friends told me 2 try stores like New Look,Pink,Primark,M&S for scarves.There a some lovely ones & not expensive.
    My lovely hubby Tommy bought me scarves in Pink on Good Fri,they had a half price promotion on 4 Easter & the Scarves were only £3 eh.
    Not looking forward to losing my hair but Im going 2 hav headwear 2 match all my outfits & 2 make me feel good(I hope)... ,Going 2 buy some hats 2.
    Good Luck with yr treatment.What  side effects did u hav????

    Love & Light...Ann (Northren Ireland)
    ps,Im having FEC....6 cycles...


  • Hi,

    I have just finishedmy last FEC, I lost my hair on day 15 after first chemo it started on the fri and by sunday there wasn't much left.  my friend's husband gave me a number 1 with hair clippers and then my sister biced the rest (she's a midwife, so expert with razor lol), they were all upset.

    The hair on my legs is just starting to grow back, wouldn't have minded if that never grew back lol. The biggest problem for me has been the cold,I have lived in beanie hats, even sleeping in them. I have a wig  but find it very itchy and my head swells as the day goes on. The only hair that I have left is my eyebrows. My eyelashes went last week. I have used false eyelashes for special occasions.

    You are not moaning, I thought  I would be ok with the hair loss. I had my head shaved for cancer research in 2006. I  have hated it, I think its the control etc and I loved my hair, which is very vain I know.

    I have tried to make the most of make up, chunky jewelry, scarves etc

    I know that I am very lucky and this chemo is helping to save my life.

    Keep strong xxx 

  • with ref to body hair..... ive had a mixed result!!!

    my armpit and lady garden hair fell out and hasnt yet come back. i find this marvelous as its 1 thing i dont need to preen (hehehe). i still have my eyebrows and lashes and my leg hair is just patchy!

    everyone is different and i hope you are all feeling well... clair xxx

  • Hahaa,

    Clair.louise...I actually just laughed out loud, after reading your comment LOL

    my daughter and mum thought I was going completely mad!!!

    Although I have called it lady garden hair myself, it sound so much funnier in your comment :)

    I've had my 1st chemo 2 weeks ago today, and not (yet) lost anymore hair than usual. I am also using cold cap, it was blooming freezing, but worth it so far! I also haven't washed my hair since 2 weeks minging is that?! But my sister (she's a hairdresser) told me to not wash my hair and within 6 weeks it will start to cleanse itself! I try anything onse. My hair gets greasy after 2 days of not washing it anyway, and my wig lady told me to only wash it 1s a week. I am so OCD usually, about washing my hair and stuff, but have surprised myself how well I'm coping without washing my locks! I had my hair cut short into a pixie haircut before 1st chemo, and styling it with my fingers and only comb it 1s a day. Hopefully it will prevent hair from falling out! I'm not sure about wearing a wig, as I found it itchy already by trying them on. I have bandannas and scarves, so will stick to them, if needed!

    I wish you and everyone else, all the best on their journey.

    Lots of love Dani xxx

  • glad i brought you some joy dani! haha! lady garden is such a pleasant way to discribe that region! could be worse terms im sure...! hehe!

    i wash my hair twice a week with a range called Naked from boots. my chemo nurses have me put the conditioner from the range on my hair before i use the cold cap to help protect it. i was the same before all this i had a cute bob and washed it every day and used my beloved GHDs (which ive put away for the time and sound hahaha) so like you i also thought it would be a struggle but in the grand scheme of things its funny how your mind set adjusts slightly!!!

    i have had 3 chemos and i have a full head of hair! its quite sonmething! so persevere. to help with the pain i take 2 paracetemol half hour before then 2 ibuprofen just before as u can take the 2 together without causing yourself any upset.

    xxxx clair xxxx