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long haul flights

No. of entries: 3 | Posted on 23 Jan 2010 7:16 PM

long haul flights

  • Now that the end of active treatment is in sight, hubby has suggested we have a decent holiday around Easter time. He picked up the Virgin Africa brochure today and seems quite keen on a beach in Mombassa with a few days on a tented safari. My only slight concern is the risk of lymphodoema and DVT's caused by length of flight. Has anyone been told to avoid long haul flights? I vaguely recall surgeon mentioning something after surgery but not sure how long we need to avoid them for. Tess
  • Hi Tess,

    I think you should be ok but ask your surgeon or Physical Therapist if you can be fitted for a compression sleeve.  I am supposed to be flying in May and my PT told me to make an appointment with her 6 weeks before flying so I can be fitted with one.  I am not in the UK but I would assume it wouldn't be a problem.

    Lucky you, Mombassa sounds wonderful!






  • I don't have a physio I see - I might just e-mail the surgeon. The children will be very upset if we can't go. Tess